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Nov 6, 2013 01:37 PM

Sunday brunch for 16

I need a Sunday brunch place that takes reservations for 16 people. we'll have 5 kids in the party (I think) so a reservation is a must. Any where in CC, South Philly, NoLibs or West Philly. I tried Parc already and they don't have any availability.

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  1. For when? That size is going to be problematic. Also do you have a price range in mind?

    You might try Cuba Libre, Amis, Jones or potentially some of the hotels in the area. Amis and Jones are on open table but your party size may preclude using the reservation system.

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      It's for the 17th of November. I would like to keep at the price range of Parc or less and not Lacroix.

    2. how bout the mildred? They have a nice big space with a bunch of different rooms, so might be good for kids.

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        I like the menu and they can seat us so we're going with the Mildred! thanks for the suggestion.

      2. How about Mixto.? A big space, huge menu. Skews toward Latin American but you can find straight-up brunch stuff easily. Everyone I've brought loves it!

        1. You can also check Beau Monde on 6th at Bainbridge - they do mostly crepes but you can make any combination and they add traditional brunch items to the standard menu. I have found them to be good with big groups.

          1. We went to the Mildred and the space was perfect. The waitress wasn't as friendly, but the food was yummy and the bloody mary delicious.

            The high chairs are little strange in that they don't really pull up to the table and has a very small tray (maybe 2 inches deep?) okay for a child that just needs to sit and not really eat. But if you have a child that eats from a plate, you can't really do it with their high chairs.

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              Did any of the dishes stand out that you would recommend?

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                Feedback was that the short rib hash and eggs, the burger, the eggs benedict and the pork sugo pasta dishes were very good. I had the soft cooked eggs with shrimp and harissa - I thought it was okay. The shrimp were cooked perfectly but I didn't taste any harissa anywhere in the dish. The eggs were tinged slight pinkish-red in what I assume to be the addition of harissa, but they tasted just like play soft scrambled eggs.

                I also really liked the slab bacon, but if you prefer crispy bacon, this is not it.