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Nov 6, 2013 11:12 AM

New restaurant called Midtown, on Eglinton, soft opening Fri Nov 8th

As mentioned earlier by 'magic' in the 2013 Changes and Closings thread, Super Sweet Home on Eglinton has closed. A new restaurant called Midtown is opening in its place. The owner, Richard, described Midtown as a neighbourhood bistro that will serve favourites like steak, chicken, lamb, and burgers. The soft opening is this Friday, November 8th - the grand opening will follow 1-2 weeks later. Looking forward to checking it out soon!

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  1. Oh yes...they will serve lunch and dinner as well as brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

    1. That makes three restaurants in that space in the last year or so.

      1. We just ate at Midtown this evening and had a great experience. We had the chicken tzatziki and rainbow trout, both fresh and tasty. Richard, the owner, was so charming and provided very attentive service. For dessert, carrot cake with a cheesecake frosting.... Yummy! We will definitely recommend Midtown to our friends and return ourselves very soon.

        1. Where did Midtown Restaurant move to?

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              I just assumed it closed. Did it move?