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Nov 6, 2013 11:09 AM

Weekday brunch in Renton or thereabouts

I'm looking for a place for a group of eight or so people, including senior citizens and a 5-year-old, to have a weekday meal around 11 a.m. It has to be on the way to the Tahoma Cemetery east of Kent for people coming from both Seattle and the Eastside—that's why I am thinking Renton. We are interring my dad's ashes, so a middlebrow pancake restaurant with a senior discount would very much celebrate his spirit, though we're open to other options too.

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  1. In Maple Valley, not too far from the cemetery:

    (The Original Pancake House)

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    1. re: Gizmo56

      We are considering Maggie's on Meeker in Kent, if anyone knows anything about it.

    2. sweetpotater,

      I wanted to add my condolences and my respect for your father's service to our nation.

      I don't have any experience with the breakfast place in Kent you settled on, and I'd be interested to hear if it met the needs of your group.

      I hope you had a fulfilling memorial at the Tahoma Veterans' family does volunteer work there, it is a special place.

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      1. re: Gizmo56

        Like Gizmo, I salute and thank your dad for his service to our country! May he rest in peace secure in the knowledge he made a difference!

        1. re: firecracker

          I am smiling a bit because my dad was in the Navy Reserve, at an age and time when reservists had no chance of active duty. Not to belittle his service ... but he saw it as a fun way to spend a weekend every couple months on a boat in California! (Knowing him, he also foresaw the lifetime of military benefits.)

          I will report back on the restaurant. It looks filling and casual, nothing special, which will suit this group fine. I have learned that picking a restaurant when I'm with my mother is a special challenge. But I have found some in Seattle that she likes that suit my Chowish needs. That should be a thread of its own. :)

          1. re: sweetpotater

            Did you decide on Maggie's on Meeker, sweetpotater? I don't know much about that area of our city so found it difficult to comment.

            Love that you can smile a bit about your dad. I had some dark days when my dad passed, but knew I'd be okay when I could laugh and smile at his little and sometimes not so little foibles.