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Nov 6, 2013 10:41 AM

Yorkville area restaurants

I am looking to buy a gift certificate for a high(ish) end restaurant in the Yorkville area. It is for someone who loves to cook and eat well. Any cuisine will be considered. I have not eaten in the Yorkville area in years so I have no clue as to what is worthwhile in the area. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Joso's would be my choice.

    1. Midestro on Yorkville.

      1. I second Joso's, i like it best in the summer. the fish and risotto are divine. L'Unita is great, less expensive, a lively neighbourhood bistro. One at the Hazelton is a more formal dining room, a bit of a scene and while i like the food, it is pricey. La societe and cafe boulud are popular - I found the food at these two ok, but have only been once to each so can't really judge. There's always sotto sotto...still cozy and kind of classic.
        If you don't mind going just slightly up the road, scaramouche is the best of all. Food, service, atmosphere = excellence.
        Hope this helps give you some ideas to consider.

        1. One of the best tasting meal I had in Toronto was at Il Posto a few years back. The Calf's liver was absolutely amazing!
          Curious no one bother mentioning it nowadays?! Gone down hill due to kitchen changes??!!

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              Thanks for all the great suggestions. I ended up going outside of the neighbourhood and bought a certificate from momofuko as I remembered that the person getting the gift had been to the one in New York and really enjoyed it.