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Nov 6, 2013 10:34 AM

Gluten free cookie recipes

I'm going to visit my BFF next week- I haven't seen her in the longest time! I bought her the cutest owl cookie jar. An empty cookie jar seems so sad... I would like to fill it with homemade cookies.

She is gluten free and I've never baked GF before.

I'm looking for advice and/or recipes for cookies or sweet treats that actually taste good.

Can I use a flour substitute in one of my regular cookie recipes or is that just asking for trouble? ;)

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  1. Alton brown has a good gf chocolate chip cookie recipe. There is also a peanut butter cookie recipe floating around the internet that just has peanut butter, egg, and sugar (and butter?) It's good, too. I have seen some recipes for chocolate crinkle type cookieswith no flour. Will try and find a link.
    Not sure if you can just sub gf flour in your regular recipes. I am fairly new to gf baking and have been afraid to take the risk so far.

    1. Bon Appetit has a chocolate cookie that is gluten free. If you search those terms on their site, I bet it would turn up since I've seen it featured several times.


        i like this site quite a bit.

        if you're not an experienced baker work with a straight-up g/f recipe. :)