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Nov 6, 2013 10:30 AM

Brasserie Jo or Tico

Our book group (6 women) is looking for a place for an early dinner on a Tuesday night, after we visit the MFA for the Sargent exhibit. We're considering Brasserie Jo and Tico. We'll be discussing our "book of the month", so we'd like someplace where it will be sufficiently quiet to do that. The museum closes at 4:45 on Tuesdays, so the restaurant there is not an option. My guess is that Brasserie Jo will be pretty quiet at 5pm, and that we'd be able to find a "quietish" table in a corner of their large space. I'm a bit concerned that Tico might have a "happy hour" crowd, and I'm unfamiliar with the layout of that restaurant.

Can anyone confirm or challenge either of my assumptions? Or offer an opinion one way or another?


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  1. Your assumptions are entirely correct. Even when it's not busy, Tico is super loud.

    1. Definitely Brasserie Jo, it's a welcoming place with good service and a relaxed atmosphere.

      Tico is so loud its painful. It is one of those places that is designed to be loud so it has lots of energy for people who prefer texting to talking.

      You won't be able to hear one another.


      1. I agree with 2 others - TICO imo is terrible. It's entirely over priced for what you get, the space it oddly designed and it's noisy. Feels like a hotel bar area.

        1. Haven't been to Tico, but have been several times to Brasserie Jo. Very dependable. If you're arriving @ happy hour, take advantage of complimentary appetizers @ bar.

          1. +1 for Brasserie Jo, Tico is very loud.