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Nov 6, 2013 09:42 AM

Thanksgiving- seeking alternatives in NYC or BK

Looking to eat out for Thanksgiving evening- pescetarian-. Most places that are actually open serve standard turkey faire.

Aren't most of the fish restos closed for Thanksgiving?
Upscale Chinese?

We are up for anything. Any style, culture or price point. We're also open to places that offer great items on their menu in addition to the the Thanksgiving meal.

Thanks for this tall order,

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  1. I just looked on OpenTable for Thanksgiving for 2 people, filtered by "Seafood," and there seem to be a lot of places open: Lure, Millesime, Oceana, etc.

    Here's Oceana's menu, for example:

    1. Most restaurants will offer other main protein options for Thanksgiving (I don't like turkey, and have never had a problem ordering something else).