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Nov 6, 2013 09:41 AM

Sunday Dinner with Holiday Decorations and Good Food

We will be in NYC on a Sunday in December to see 3 PM show 'Beautiful' at Sondheim Theatre. It will be my husband and I, our 23 year old daughter and 19 year old son. I would like a restaurant that really does it up for the holidays AND has good food. We don't mind walking, and I'd rather not have to get a cab or subway. I figure we will get a 6 PM reservation. We are pretty open in terms of cuisine, although we would prefer not to have Chinese. In terms of budget, I would say about $300 all inclusive. I have searched the boards but I'm still having trouble finding something. Thank you in advance!

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  1. $300 for 4 is $75pp.

    Minus 8.875% tax and 20% tip, that's only about $58pp for food AND drink (for the three of you over age).

    Unfortunately, I am thinking you're having trouble finding something because your budget is a little low if you plan to have any alcohol. Are you?

    1. We are not big drinkers; probably will only have a total of 2 beers and 2-3 glasses of wine. But I see what you are saying, so I will figure on more like $450.

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        Personally I have never dined here but I have gone by during the Holidays and ROLF'S is definately decorated for Christmas.

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          My absolute favorite for Xmas decor and great food is Balthazar, but it's in Soho, not Midtown. Reservations are taken 30 days in advance.

        2. I read on Chowhound that the food is not that good. Has that changed?

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            I honestly don't know, I was just mentioning it because it is just soooo decorated for Christmas.

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              I think Rolf's never removes their decorations, but I have heard that the food isn't too good.