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Nov 6, 2013 09:07 AM

Modest Rehearsal Dinner in El Paso for 45 - HELP not from area!!

Hi TX Chowhounders - I am a CT Chowhound, my brother is getting married in el Paso in June and I am trying to help my mother plan a rehearsal dinner.

Any help is appreciated as we are not in the area and neither is the bride currently.

Approx 45 people (incl. kids)- a CASUAL meal is pref as my parents can't afford anything too crazy. The Wedding itself is a super casual backyard BBQ so modest is definitely the word. A private space inside or out is great if at all possible.

THANK YOU in advance for any tips or advice - my mom is stressing hard on this one.


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  1. Cattlemens Steakhouse in Fabens, TX (20 min outside El Paso) is a winner and its realatively inexpensive. Its been on travel channel a few times -

    Stateline BBQ is an OK place and may be a little cheaper and its closer to the center of ELP.

    Hope this helps - good luck

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    1. re: Redraider2001

      thanks Redraider2001 - Cattleman's looks solid!

      Quick question I have also run into "Forti's Mexican Elder Restaurant" as having private space too - any opinion on the food at that place?

      1. re: debvil

        Ive only been in ELP for 2 months and never eaten at Forti's. However, I have heard that Forti's is very solid and consistent. The mexican food in general is different here when compared to tex-mex found in south texas.

    2. We had our rehearsal dinner at Avila's. It is a family tradition and often the food is subpar but they were easily able to handle a big party.

      1. We had an event in a private room at Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey's, Tex Mex cuisine. It was good food at a very modest price. The staff was efficient and attentive. Cattlemen's is steak and therefore not inexpensive, at least the times I've been that was my experience.

        1. Did you have a successful event?
          Oh, wait, June. Nevermind! :)