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The Big King from Burger King.....is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

I just saw this on CNBC and thought I would share it, apparently Burger King is introducing a new sandwich that is extremely similar to Mc Donalds Big Mac. The reporter on CNBC seemed to like the flame broiled taste of the Big King better than the Big Mac.


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  1. Recall that the Big Mac itself is a rip-off of the now-forgotten Bob's Big Boy. For me, too bread-y and too mayo-y.

    1. I remember the Big King from back when. It didn't have a middle bun then. I'd rather get a double cheeseburger to forego the middle bun.

      1. I don't like the opposite. McD's Big N Tasty (their Whopper (which I love)), but I will give this try and see if it's as good as a Big Mac.

        BK failed to remotely imitate Mc D's sausage mcmuffin with egg. Remember the commercials with the King stealing the recipe from McD headquarters ? Epic fail.

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          This sounds vaguely familiar too. http://www.bk.com/en/us/menu-nutritio...
          Isn't it's about the time that McDonald's brings back it's McRib sandwich too? Guess the fast food business is getting like Hollywood movies, copy anything vaguely successful.

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            I just saw the first commercial for the McRib last night - it's back.

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              Well while on topic, I saw a commercial for a Burger Kind rib sandwich as well!! What's with that???

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                  Just the BK Rib Sandwich, I guess Mc D's patents on some of these sandwiches are running out?

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                    I don't think McDonald's had any patent on their rib sandwich. The preformed pork 'rib' patty has been around long before McDonald's started selling them. I remember eating 'riblet' sandwiches at the county fair more than 30 years ago. Of course I grew up in rural Minnesota where hog farmers are ubiquitous.

                    (I found this thread by reading your CNBC thread.)

          2. Interesting that the burger has "freshly cut lettuce", yet in promo photos, it looks like an uncut lettuce leaf.

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              You my friend have an eye for detail!

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                Not so fast, there...it took a second look before I saw the middle bun!

              1. I had a BKBK today after the lunch rush hour. Dried out cold tasteless meat, overall it truly sucked. I used to like the Whopper when they were char-grilled to order, but those days are long gone. I think BK and McD's are both gross the way they serve held over meat.

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                  I tried one bite of a Burger King Chicken Parmesan sandwich... it tasted like KFC (which is NOT a good thing in my book!) I had to spit it out before I died of MSG poisoning and eat half of DH's whopper instead. That wasn't exactly inspiring either... but we both liked the satisfries.

                2. My son insisted he wanted to try one of these last night, and who am I do deny my son, I was admittedly a little curious myself, but I didn't let on. So two Big Kings for the 1 Big King and 1 Small King of my household, my review;

                  IT SUCKS!!!!

                  A.) It is significantly smaller than a Big Mac, just from a visual inspection you can tell the diameter is much smaller.

                  B.) It's flavorless. Literally you can taste the Burger King "flame broiled" meat, but that's really about it. The special sauce and lettuce, tomato all just blends into a tasteless oblivion. I couldn't believe I was eating something with as many elements of potential flavor that tasted so much like nothing.

                  C.) The fries at Burger King suck anyway so that didn't even help offset my disappointment.

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                    What we really need to know: Does it suck more or less than a Big Mac?

                    1. re: ricepad

                      About every five years or so, I order a Big Mac to see if its as bad as I remember. Never fails to meet my expectations.

                      Saw the Big King on the menu board while I was having my occasional Whopper. Would have tried it, had I been aware (never pay attention to advertising).

                      Liked the crinkle fries - again, about the 5th time I've had them. I still rank them as the best of any frozen fry (and prefer them over Five Guys fries).

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                        Well as the subject line says "Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery" from that perspective I would have to say it sucks MORE than the Big Mac.

                        Although it's been years since I've had one, I have fond memories of the Big Mac. Not saying there were ever "good" but you knew what you were getting and they had a uniqueness to them. The Big King really has nothing unique about them and is really a rather pathetic burger/sandwich all around.

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                        So sorry that I missed this post. Thanks. I was going to ask how it compares to a Big Mac. Afterall, it is all "relative".

                        I guess this Big King did not change you from a McDonald customer to a Burger King customer, huh?

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                          That was the point of my other thread on General Topics, I'm not a McDonald's or Burger King customer. But because of Chow I keep finding myself going to these places to try these sandwiches I keep posting about. It's a vicious cycle I need to snap out of...................!!!!! Right after I try a big mac!!!! ;-)

                      3. I've seen a few reviews kicking around the usual sites, and they seem to all agree:
                        - The dressing is notably sweeter than the Big Mac
                        - The patties are smaller but definitely have a more 'grilled' flavor
                        - The bun's much thicker, especially the middle bun
                        - Nearly always sloppier presentation than at McD with burgers toppled over, falling apart, thrown together, etc

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                          The only thing I disagree with is the dressing, it didn't have enough flavor for me to taste anything let alone more or less sweet.

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                            Dam you Firegoat!!! You see this is a prime example of what motivated me to create this thread on the General Topic's board.


                            I haven't had a Big Mac in I don't know how many years, seriously I might say 10 years. But now because of information like that NPR article all I can think of is having a Big Mac to compare the two. I have fond memories of the Big Mac, and don't remember loathing it like I did the Big King. lol

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                              I didn't mean to....... guess it was unintentional....