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Soy sauce assault.

From The San Francisco Examiner, November 6, page 9: "Former 49er Kwame Harris was found guilty Monday of multiple misdemeanor charges but acquitted of all felony counts in connection with an assault on his ex-boyfriend last year at a Chinese restaurant in Menlo Park...The dispute reportedly began at Su Hong restaurant, where Harris disagreed with ex-lover Dimitri Geier's use of soy sauce during their meal. The argument escalated and...Harris punched Geier several times in the face, causing a skull fracture that required the installation of a metal plate, prosecutors said." Okaaaay. Maybe he just should have posted on CH?

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      1. It could have been worse. He might have put Parmesan cheese on his seafood linguine.

        1. What a weird story. Some people are really tightly wound.

          1. This is exaggerated. The argument started with soy sauce, but that was not the entire reason. It is still funny.

            "Harris was angry that his boyfriend at the time, Dimitri Geier, tried to put soy sauce on Harris' rice at Suh Hong restaurant on Menlo Avenue.

            Harris then accused Geier of stealing his underwear and tried to pull down the boyfriend's pants to prove he was wearing the stolen pair, authorities said.

            Harris, 6-foot-7 and 240 pounds, pinned Geier against a plate-glass window and hit him several times in the face and head, hard enough to cause facial fractures that required surgery and the insertion of a metal plate, according to San Mateo County prosecutors. "

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              LOL - You couldn't make this stuff up.

              1. re: mike0989

                Yes, soy sauce and stolen underwear, and then a fist fight.

                3 very different phrases in one story.

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                  OK, I did edit. But the second reason is just as weird, though not Chowish.

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                    You are just jealous that you have never fought someone over stolen underwear. :P

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                "At 6-foot-7 and 240 pounds" it appears Harris is at least dropping some pounds after he quit playing football. Now he needs to control the soy sauce.

                1. re: John E.

                  <Now he needs to control the soy sauce.>

                  And his underwear too.

              3. Haven't been to Su Hong in ages...sounds like it's changed!

                1. I wonder if that soy sauce was low-sodium, then Geier may have escaped being a-salted .......

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                    The only reason I hate this comment is because I wish I had thought of it first.

                  2. I think my putting ketchup on mac and cheese was the beginning of a long process toward divorce. Luckily, no violence. We didn't make the evening news.

                    1. They ought to confiscate that guy's yarbles and just give them to him before a game. AND take them away afterward.
                      It's criminal behavior by a thug.
                      Oh- a former 49er? Flush his yarbles, he can't use them responsibly.

                      It makes me furious that people like him always get a pass for violent crimes. They do- think about it.

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                        Thanks, EWSflash. It's disgusting that football jocks are immune from criticism for their violent assaults. I don't see anything funny about brutality.

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                            I'm generalizing but IMO one would have to have a pretty dam aggressive/violent personality to move up from 'tiny-tot' football all the way to the NFL.
                            I once was one of the 'ball-boys' for the Edmonton Eskimos back in the middle sixties. Talk about violent personalities! Saw a lot of them drink a full case of beer (twelve bottles) during half time. LOTS of smashed beer bottles in the far corner of the locker room........whether they were winning or losing. And that was well before the 'roids'.

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                              I got to know Walter Payton just a little bit. We had adjacent lockers at a health club. I didn't see any of that, he was a real gentleman. And I don't think he was putting it on.

                              1. re: mwhitmore

                                He wasn't called "Sweetness" for nothing. Man, could that guy run!

                          2. Su Hong's not spicy Sichuanese, is it? ;-)

                            "Chinese traditional medicine specialist and health columnist Dr Ellycia Tan Pin Ting sums it up as 'we are what we eat. Hot and spicy food are yang and can make a person aggressive, hyperactive, hot-tempered and agitated,' she says, adding that deficiencies in nutrients, magnesium, Vitamin C and B may also cause someone to have a shorter fuse."


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                              <Su Hong's not spicy Sichuanese, is it? ;-)>

                              No, it shouldn't.

                            2. Oh, now I understand. He put soy sauce on his rice. Not done.

                              1. When he said, "Pass the soy sauce", he didn't mean throw it 40 yds. ;-)