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Nov 6, 2013 08:38 AM

Sustainable private event for about 50?


I'm an out-of-towner looking for a place to host a happy hour for about 50 people. Somewhere we can hang out at the bar, have some apps put out and be relaxed. I'm looking for places that have sustainable practices, but also delicious, and hopefully near the orange line. Ok, tall order, but putting my feelers out! Thank you!

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  1. On the higher end Equinox would probably be your best bet. They don't have a bar that could fit 50 people (that will be hard to find) but they have a front room that could be used as a private room. Really delicious, Mid-Atlantic cuisine with a commitment to sustainable seafood and seasonable food.

    Another high end option is Restaurant Nora. They are the original organic restaurant in DC. You would likely need to rent out the entire bar area because it's not huge. But it's really cozy, elegant setting. Also not on the orange line but right near the red line.

    For something more low-key you could try Busboys and Poets. There are 2 different locations in DC proper.

    Also if you are thinking about holding this event in the next month or so I would book space ASAP since you are heading into the holiday season.

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      Thank you! I've actually looked at all of those so it seems I'm on the right track!