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May 4, 2005 01:01 PM

Deep dish pizza in Dallas/Fort Worth area?

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Does anyone know of a pizza place that serves Chicago style deep dish pizza in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

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  1. The best Chicago-style deep dish I have found in the DFW area is in Plano, in a small place -- mostly appropriate for takeout, although there are a few tables --at the corner of Coit and Hedgcoxe. The name of the restaurant is Chicago St. Pizza.

    As late as when we ordered one last Thursday, the deep dish remains excellent, on a par with many of Chicago's best places. I am not a big fan of their stuffed pizza, however, and I have not tried their thin-crust.

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      Try Rush Street on University (just north of Lancaster) in Fort Worth or That Chicago Place on Brown Trail in Bedford (just south of Harwood). Both have Chicago-style pizza.

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        Has anyone tried Brooklyn's best pizza in Arlinton? It's on Green Oaks south of I-20. Its not Chicago but Its a good slice of pizza. And I've never been to Chicago or NY. and don't want to.

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          Mary H. Musgrave

          Well I haven't tried the pizza, but everything else at Brooklyn's Best is fantastic -- especially their meat sauce for spaghetti and the calzones. The same folks used to have a restaurant in DeSoto and then they moved to Waxahachie. Now those are closed, but I'd drive almost anywhere for their food. The sauce is the best and even if tomato sauces normally give you indigestion -- their's won't.

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            What about Chicago Rick's? Anyone tried it?

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              I work at Chicago Rick's Pizza. We have a 12" Chicago style pan pizza. It is a pretty good pie but has a ways to go. We are currently working on improving it and adding more size options.

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            Brooklyn's Best is great, and I'm from new york:) My husband thinks BJ's on 20 and Matlock, in the new arlington highlands shopping center, has the best chicago style deep dish pizza here.

            1. re: indygurl

              Agree on Brooklyns Best. Awesome stuffed pizza and strombolis.

      2. There is a place in Addison called Pappas Pizza. It is owned by the Pappas family. The same people that own Pappadeaux and Pappasito's. It isn't great but it will do.


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          My hubby and I ordered Pappa's Pizza in Addison and it was awful. Hubby summed it up best by saying it tasted like "mall food".
          If you must have thick crust in/around the Addison area, the BJ's favorite has a thick buttery crust.BJ's it at Beltline and Quorum, and it isn't bad for a chain.
          The BEST pizza I've found in the Far North Dallas/Addison area is Pizza Guy on Preston. It's not thick crust, but the original style will convert you.... well, almost.

          1. re: HalfBaked

            HalfBaked, deep dish, or pan is NOT "thick crust." When you lay the dough in the pan, it's just about the thickness of "thin crust," and some houses use the same sheeter for both types.

            1. re: streetsmart

              I'm mostly doing this just because its now possible. Because there are discussions of crusts i wanted to show a picture of a chicago thin crust pizza from Aurelios. It's actually loaded with toppings but the crust itselt is nearly cracker thin, and keeps crispy throughout eating it. All chicago deep dishes I've ever had have had thicker crusts than this, though not as thick your typical pizza from dominos or papa johns.

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          1. Sorry to break it to you, but there's no such thing in the big D. I'm a Chicagoan that tried, tried and tried again for the 4+ years I lived in Dallas to find anything close. Give up, and settle for crispy thin crust - there are some decent places that will come close to rivaling the Windy City. (And no, that's not Campisi's). Try Scalini's in Lakewood and Louie's on Henderson.

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              Ah, but there is! If you are a Chicagoan (I'm not ... I only lived there for 20 years), then you will find Chicago St. Pizza to be very good. Granted, you have to drive to north Plano to try it, but it's the best deep dish I have tried south of 63rd and Stony Island.

            2. t

              Yes it's a chain, but I like Uno's in Sundance Square. Their deep dish pies are pretty good. Also in Fort Worth and very good is Rush Street on University Drive. It did win Staff choice for Best Pizza in FW Weekly's 2004 "Best of" issue if that's any help.

              Here's the website for those who care:



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              1. re: TheSingleGourmet

                Uno's? Come on, TSG! You need to try real Chicago pizza sometime.

                1. re: Kirk

                  Hey, I said I liked it. Others may not. We're not in Chicago, so you take what you can get.