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Nov 6, 2013 06:56 AM

Happy hour(s) before T-Wolves game suggestions please

This Friday thinking we'll start at Masa for their happy hour and lower priced Mexican apps ... One drink and a few apps there before our next stop ... Suggestions welcome. We'll be starting around 5PM so two hours max before tip-off.

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  1. Pizza Luce is really close. A lot of people like their pizzas and they have a bar.

    Do you like big? Kieran's Irish Pub is across the street.

    1. Yes, thanks. Both Luce & Kieran's might work well. Also thinking Barrio. Might even cab it over to Fulton Brewery.

      1. I'd do some cocktails and maybe small plates at Bradstreet. But mostly cocktails. ;)

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          Thanks - that is a good suggestion

        2. The Depot! Until 6PM you can get The daily Delight. A burger (beef or veggie, or diamond dog or chili dog) and fries and a beer (or soft drink) for 10 bucks.

          1. We met at Masa - for Happy Hour - $2.50 tacos (excellent flour tortilla open-faced carne-asada/ cilantro and pork with pineapple tacos) and half-priced drinks. The Masa marg is a thing of beauty. Chips and salsa - $2.00. Their tomatillo salsa is unique and quite tasty. However the red chile salsa is complex and rich with red chile flavor. Just excellent.