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Nov 6, 2013 06:47 AM

Restaurants open Saturday in Vienna

Hi all, I've had a good luck and the previous recommendations (in particular from Sturmi), but most of the places I'd like to go are closed Saturday and Sunday!

We are planning to hit Rudi's Beisl on Friday evening, and Meierei for brunch on Sunday, but would love recommendations for lunch and dinner on Saturday.

We are a bunch of girls who like their food. Ideally we might get a set lunch somewhere relatively fancy and then a more casual dinner later??


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  1. I'm assuming you are looking for Viennese choices, if so your casual dinner could be had at Phoenixhof. It is very casual, but the food is excellent, the white wine crisp and cold and the establishment is non-smoking.

    I'm not up on the set lunch selections but believe Glacisbeisl in the MuseumQuarters should meet your needs. For less Viennese, but still good food in an energetic hipster joint... Halle (next to the MuMoK) is always good.

    If you are venturing furhter into the 7th district I would recommend Gaumenspiel, they have set menus for dinner but are not open for lunch. Next door is their other restaurant, more casual, called St. Ellas, also not open for lunch. Both are very good IMO.

    1. Hello TrulyMiss,

      The local custom is the other way: casual lunch and fancy dinner…

      But let it be: For a fancy lunch I would recommend:
      Zum Schwarzen Kameel

      Do&Co Albertina

      or Hansen

      And for a - very - casual dinner:
      Altwiener Gastwirttschaft Schilling

      Gasthaus Heidinger

      or Gasthaus Meixner

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      1. re: Sturmi


        Thanks again for all your kind suggestions. We have had great trouble finding some availability for the Saturday and have finally secured reservations in both Glacis Beisl and Gasthaus Meixner - which would you say is better / what is the difference between them?


        1. re: TrulyMiss

          Gasthaus Meixner is a busy "Vorstadtbeisl", that means you will not find there any tourists, and the food is very authentic. An experience you will never forget if you like real head-to-tail cuisine !!

          Glacisbeisl is located right behind the MuQa, the core of Viennese museums. The food is also excellent but more mainstream, the crowd is a more urban mix of locals and tourists...

          1. re: Sturmi

            Thanks Sturmi! I had also emailed Gaumenspiel and they have now got back to me to say that they have availability so I think we will got with that for a treat!

            Thanks again for all the advice!

            1. re: TrulyMiss

              I hope you enjoy Gaumenspiel, and if you get to Vienna again you could stay at the "hotel" Gaumenspiel operates called 7 Rooms ( It is not a very fancy hotel, hence the quotes I used, it's more of a Pension style but the location is excellent in the 7th district and the two restaurants downstairs are very good.

        2. re: Sturmi

          Hello Sturmi,
          We are planning to visit Vienna but love to eat in traditional restaurants but must have decent non-smoking sections. Are any of the above, or any other, good choices? Thanks!!

          1. re: newyork

            Most restaurants do have non-smoking sections. There are just a few smoking-only places, such as Rudis Beisl, but even there you might be lucky to find that nobody is smoking...

            OTOH smoking is allowed in outside dining areas, there is no restriction on smoking when sitting outside!

            But if you want traditional restaurants, some smoking has to be part of the scene, since smoking is a greatly appreciated tradition here...


        3. Thanks Sturmi, I suppose that would be our (Irish) custom too, but we would like to try somewhere fancy and there's usually better value to be had at lunch!

          Thank you both for your responses, I will check the places mentioned out!