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Nov 6, 2013 06:43 AM

NoMad brunch a step down from lunch experience?

We're making our reservations soon, and some friends asked us to come with them to NoMad on Saturday for brunch. We were looking more forward to a lunch experience there, for the flatbread, foie gras torchon, duck, and the selection of desserts.

Would the chicken sandwich be enough to make up for that? Or should we stick to our lunch res.?

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  1. IIRC, at brunch, they only have a single dessert (last time I think it was the Kouign Amann).

    1. I love the brunch at The NoMad. The chicken sandwich has my vote as the #1 sandwich in NYC. I also love the roasted chicken for 2 that is available at both dinner and lunch. There is a variety of deserts from which to choose. My #1 favorite is the kouign amann.

      1. I actually prefer The NoMad for brunch and dinner, mainly because the lunch menu is so much like the dinner menu that visiting for dinner makes for a more special experience (i.e., in the parlor or fireplace room). The atrium in the day time is beautiful too of course, but for reason I resonate that type of atmosphere more with brunch-ier dishes.

        The chicken sandwich is as great as everyone says, not too different from the roasted chicken for 2. You won't get complimentary flatbread at brunch but you can order the brunch flatbread and share as a table if you wish. The crab tagliatelle, lobster and scallops are offered on the brunch menu, which are all standout dishes.

        Why not give brunch a chance? You can also come back for dinner if you love it!

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          We only have 3 days in NY and live pretty far (Athens, Greece) so whatever we do will have to last us till next year...:)

          Is the parlor room not open for lunch?

          It bums me out that NoMad brunch has no foie torchon, duck, and dessert options. But maybe we'll just go for the chicken sandwich and have some drinks and all will be great!

          1. re: eviemichael

            The parlor is open for lunch, but it just doesn't have the same lush, intimate and romantic vibe as during dinner when the dim lighting just barely illuminates the royal red fixtures. Does that make sense? Either way, you really can't go wrong at The NoMad.

            Are you going to be in the city on a weekday? Perhaps you can see if your friends would rather go for lunch, or just go for dinner.

            1. re: zeeEats

              Yes zeeEats, we're in town for a couple weekdays so we're going to go for lunch I think...most of what I want to try isn't offered on the brunch menu. If my friends can't make it with us, then we'll do brunch with them on Saturday somewhere else- probably Locanda Verde.

              ellenost, I read on several recent reviews that the dessert selection during brunch is now very limited, but I could be wrong...

              Thanks to everyone for their input!

            2. re: eviemichael

              When I had brunch in the summer the brunch menu had the same dessert options as lunch and dinner. I requested the kouign amann that is not on the menu since it has long been a favorite.