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Nov 6, 2013 05:48 AM

Week end in Philly

Going to be in Philly for a long week end. Any recommendations?

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  1. A few good spots of high recognition, frequent national awards or popularity.

    Tria- small interesting menu, european feel, good beer, wine
    Nonna's - Old school Italian American- new & fun
    Vedge- no meat or dairy- national rec.
    Fountian Room 4 Seasons - some rank best in Phila
    Zahav - Best new chef award -National Rec-Local favorite
    Amada- Small plate Tapas- busy local favorite-casual
    The Prime Rib - high end steak house - some rank best here
    Dandilion- English, great decor with renditions of british fare
    Barbazzo- eclectic -busy- noisy-fun
    Wiskey Village - great burgers-casual - good fun
    Parc- nice venue French bistro
    Oyster House- you guessed it

    All mentioned might require reservation. I am sure you will get many more options from local hounds.

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    1. re: Bacchus101

      Thanks for your visit to Philadelphia and your interest in suggestions for dining while in our city. Most here will be please to offer their opinions with the hope that friendly advice will add to the quality of your time here and your opinion of our fair city.

      1. re: Bacchus101

        I would also strongly encourage you to report back about what is good and not good. Feedback, especially from out of town folks is great perspective that some of us who live in the area may not have.

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      1. Price range?
        Solo dining or with family/a group?
        Cuisines you're interested in or want to avoid?
        Area of the city?

        Ie, more details would help.

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        1. re: sockii

          We will be near the Italian Market area, but can walk or ride to a restaurant. We would prefer moderately priced as we are treating two others. One is a vegetarian who does eat fish. We like most foods but would prefer American with atmosphere for one of our dinners. We do love ethnic food as well. Also we know there are so many wonderful chefs with small restaurants in the city that we would love to experience one.

            1. re: Teesh

              I second the Mildred recommendation. Perhaps also Southwark (esp if you enjoy a cocktail with or pre-meal) and Bistrot La Minette which is French, but bistro food so very accessible. The alternative would be to look at recommendations for East Passyunk Ave - just south of the Italian Market area

                  1. re: Buckethead

                    Especially enlightening is the first discussion of the restaurant where people actually discuss dishes.


                    I have been there, and thoroughly enjoyed the menu. It is small plates, so if that is not the format that you like you will not be happy. Nice cocktail list and small wine list.

                    Small space that some have complained about the noise. It is a hard reservation to get, so if that is where you want to go, check open table or better yet call the restaurant directly immediately.