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May 4, 2005 09:42 AM

Best Burger in San Antonio?

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Of course San Antonio has great mexican food. But I've been hungry for a really good burger lately. Anybody have any good suggestions? I also want to know if there is any place that has better BBQ than Rudys. If so, I haven't found it yet. But if any body else has a place worth a try let me know.

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    I was a poor college student in San Antonio years ago and lived off a healthy diet of hamburgers and tortilla's and queso. My old top favorites:
    Tycoon Flat's - a bit collegy, but great outside seating
    Chris Madrid's
    EZ's - I know its a local chain, but I liked their black bean burger

    I used to get burgers at the following. I liked them more for the atmosphere then the burgers actually. Fantastic people watching opportunities:
    Bombay Bicycle Club - the one on St. Mary's. Wonder if they still have their most excellent black cherry margarita
    Pig Stands - god I loved this place.

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      The company that owns the Pig Stands filed under Chapter 11 last week. See the link to the article in the San Antonio Business Journal below.



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        Ohhhhh I mean yes its not the best restaurant in the world, but it was fun to get a late night pork sandwhich and watch the classic car guys bring in their newly tuned up 50s hot rods.

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          Reynolds Mansson

          How about Sam's for burgers and for a drive Bobby J's out in Helotes

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      For burgers, I would highly suggest either Luther's Cafe at 1425 N Main Ave, when I would go there, the cook was this 350 lb guy and I would tell him, to cook mine as if you were cooking for yourself, had it to go, grease dripping from bag, regular order of fries is enough to feed four, but I did it all alone and a nice nap (more of a passing out on the sofa) soon followed, or the Lord's Kitchen at 118 Seguin Rd. If you see the co-owner there, all questions will be answered........*sigh.

      For bbq better than Rudy's, I would have to say Bob's Smokehouse at 5145 Fredericksburg Rd. They know how to do what they do so well, enuff said.

      1. Bob's BBQ on Fredericksburg road is good. For burgers, Chris Madris.

        1. Chris Mardrid's - not to be missed.

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            OK, I have tried a lot of the suggestions and liked most of them but I have a new one for you. Big Bobs Burgers on Harry Wurzbach. Great burgers and when I say great, they are by far the best burgers I have ever eaten. That is not said lightly. I don't know what they put in them but I have started eating there at least once a week.
            The place is kind of hard to find and sort of out of the way but it is worth the trip.

          2. Seems everyone has listed most of the great burger places in town but I'd like to add

            Brenda's Burgers
            3837 SW Military @ Carmel
            M-Th 10-20 / F-Sa 10-21 / Su 11-20
            Great burgers, inexpensive

            Barry's Special: onions & Japs $2.95
            Dbl Meat: $3.15 /w cheese&Japs 4.15
            Lg Burger $2.15

            From Lackland, just take SW Military S and when it turns E and crosses the railroad bridge ... it's there on your left.

            Bobby J's in Helotes 695-4941
            13247 Bandera
            1.5 mi N of 1604
            M-F 11-15 & 17-21
            Sa 11-21? / Su closed
            Burgers are greasy ... on a par w/ Chris Madrids ... both good and a different ambiance to the 2 places.

            BJ's Piggy (Bacon & Amer Cheese) 1/3# $5.25 1/2# $6.25
            Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese 1/3# 4.95 1/2# 5.95
            Western(Onions, Amer Cheese, Bacon,Mayo,Pickles) 1/3# 5.25 1/2# 6.25
            Hungry Tex 1# $7.25 w/ cheese $8.50..(NEEDS JAPS!)
            Fries 1.25 or 3
            Onion Rings 2.25 or 4
            Beer 1.95 / Imports 2.50
            Tea & Sodas 1.25

            Chris Madrid's 735-3552

            1900 Blanco @ W Hollywood
            M-Sa 11-22 / Happy Hr M-F 15-19

            This is where grease comes from all over the world to attack coronary arteries!

            Cocktails, Margaritas & Beer
            Porky's Delight w/cheddar 4oz $4.50 /8oz 5.50
            Flamiing Jalapeno w/cheddar 4.45 / 5.45
            Flaming Jalapeno Flamethrower 3.70 / 4.55
            Tostada Burger w/frijoles & cheddar $3.99 / 4.99
            Fries reg 1.35 / Macho 2.75

            Buffalo Wild Wings 694-9464

            deZavala 1 mi W of IH-10
            Black & Bleu Burger w/ cajun seasoning $4.79
            Happy Hr Pints $2

            Cheesy Jane's

            has a very fresh, old fashioned burger that you can identify all the ingredients on it :-) Maybe even a scoge better than Brenda's (but Brenda's is MUCH cheaper).
   ... they have a chain in SA

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              Forgot Chester's
              They are all over town:
              google Chester's +"San Antonio"
              Darned decent burgers ALONG WITH the best assortment of beers at a good burger joint (most just have a few beers, Chester's has probably 50 bottled designer beers). And most places w/ a great assortment of beers have 2nd rate food.