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Nov 6, 2013 05:22 AM

[Liverpool] Pushka

On Rodney Street, 2 mins from the eating mecca that is Hope Street. It's a welcoming bistro-type place, friendly and vaguely romantic.

I really enjoyed my meal there, especially the starter. We started with a ham hock pudding and a mini fish pie. The ham hock was in suet (I think). Generous and moist chunks, cooked in its juices. There was a slightly less generous smear of Oxford Sauce.

We followed with lemon sole and crabby crushed potatoes with home made tartare. Again, could have done with some more lubrication. And a lamb shank in a red wine sauce which could have done with another half hour cooking so it fell off the bone.

But all most pleasant, and a handy spot for pre-theatre supper.

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