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Nov 5, 2013 10:16 PM


Over the last couple of years pizza has taken a giant step in Vancouver. We now have some great options and differing styles.

Which have you tried? What are your favorites?

Some places to reference are:
Via Tevere
Pizza Farina
Nicli Antica
Don't Argue

Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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  1. So far, been to:


    Might hit up Don't Argue this week .....

    1. my favourite is Nicli. Yum!

      1. I have tried Pizza Farina, Barbarella and Don't Argue. I was pleased by all of them; there are variations in crust and toppings but I would eat again at any of them.

        1. I've been to all of the above except Don't Argue and Nova.
          My favourite pizzas are at Barbarellas and Pizza Farina, however the rooms at both leave something to be desired.

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          1. re: Scoffier

            I've been to all but don't argue and ragazzi. Via Tevere is by far my top choice, though I don't love the lines/having to go super early. Also had a less ideal experience sitting on the patio last time, with bits of char landing all over us from the chimney during the meal.

            1. re: Scoffier

              Maybe I'm one of few who likes Barbarella's room ..... like the spacious simplicity of it.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                Il like The Bibo and Trilussa-just came from Trilussa in fact.

                The others I might try if someone else pays.

            2. Farina pushes all the right buttons for me!