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Nov 5, 2013 09:23 PM

Galleria Area..any great places for business dinner?

i am a chicagoan coming to Houston. i would like to reach out to ask the community in houston if they can recommend some great restaurants.

Steak/Seafood/New American fare.

Upscale atmosphere

Great bar scene

Great food.

i dont come to Houston much so please help me out. i am open to traveling other places if something comes to mind

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  1. Sorry, I don't do "upscale" or drink.

    In public.


    Hopefully our young hip posters will be along shortly to proffer some good suggestions. In the meantime, if you want a taco or a pastrami sandwich, I'm your guy!

    1. You are close to two highly touted steak houses - Pappas Bros, which has been touted for years as one of the best in the state, and Del Frisco's, which is right at the Galleria but is brand new and I know nothing more than the name.

      There are others downtown and scattered around but best in the whole area might be Killen's in Pearland, recently on a list of 10 best steakhouses in the nation, as I recall. That would be about a 45 minute drive each way, much of that on freeway or toll road (your choice) so not stop and go but, still, a long way.

      Seafood - much in the immediate vicinity is chain - McCormick and Schmicks, which is now part of Landry's and undoubtedly has gone downhill, and The Oceanaire Room. I've been to neither. Avoid Christie's, an old line local seafood house that has reportedly gone way down hill in recent years. Not that far north of the Galleria is Willie G's, another part of the Landry's empire and one of the few I've had good experiences with. However, I haven't been in years.

      A new place in that part of town is Liberty Kitchen and Oysterette by a local group that runs a number of places popular with the trendy foodie set. Only open a couple of weeks so probably still subject to some glitches.

      West of the Galleria is a Pappadeaux, another part of the huge Pappas family of restaurants; this one is Cajun, upscale, though I can't remember if it's linen tablecloth or not; There are locations all over Texas and out of state so, though it's family owned, it does qualify as a chain.

      Goode Co. Texas Seafood has two locations about equidistant from the Galleria; cuisine is as indicated by the name. Goode Co. is another large family run group, not nearly as big as Pappas. This is their only concept I really like.

      I am not into the bar scene either but there will be several options close by, of course, and there are some CHers here who are familiar. One I do know of is RDG Bar Annie which has as head of it's program a local who is often pointed to as the best local mixologist, if that interests you.

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      1. re: brucesw

        "The Oceanaire Room" is also a Landry's property.

        Directly across Westheimer from Christie's is the newly renovated Palm.

        Fuad's in the same center might be worth mentioning.

        1. re: DoobieWah

          I missed that about TOR. I try to keep up with everything Tillman snaps up so I'll know what to avoid.

        2. re: brucesw

          I dined at Del Friscos in the Galeria 5 years ago - so I wouldn't exactly call it brand new. As far a food goes I've never gone wrong at a Del Frisco (my first experience was at the original in Dallas). My only criticism of the Galeria DF is that the piped music in the bar area is a little annoying.

        3. RDG Bar Annie has a good bar scene-- a bit too scene-y for me, but it has been getting a lot of buzz lately as brucesw mentioned because Chris Frankel was recently named the new bar director. It's a common business dinner place and I think would probably match what you are looking for.

          Del Frisco's has great steaks, and also a definite bar scene.

          You could also consider Masraff's or Philippe, although the namesake chef recently left Philippe, and I haven't heard anything about how they're doing with that transition.

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            Philippe and Masraff's are two great choices for a business dinner. I love RDG too, but it can get loud. Parking for these restaurants is much easier than negotiating the lots for Del Frisco's, but if you want to do it, its worth the trouble. Tell GM Arthur Mooradian I sent you.

          2. Prohibition at the Galleria gets good reviews and is a bar/restaurant.