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Nov 5, 2013 08:18 PM

Festive lunch in December

I am looking for somewhere for a friends lunch in December that has a festive atmosphere - other than Van Dusen.

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    1. Christmas decorations, lights, music. Food does not have to be specifically Christmas. Just want to embrace the Christmas spirit!

      1. Not a sit down restaurant (it's outdoors) however the Vancouver Christmas Market (starts Nov 22) has a lot of great casual food and drink and should meet the rest of your criterion.

        1. Right atmosphere but it has to be sit down. Is there a restaurant that does an especially good job of decorating for Christmas? Or one overlooking something Christmassy

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            Xmas just isn't that big a deal here-on 4th Ave in Kits Xmas decorations are the exception not the rule and many areas of the city are similar.

            Maybe one of the big downtown hotels would have something.

            The Christmas Market as mentioned is a travesty/gross ripoff/clip joint of brobdingnagian proportions.

            1. re: Sam Salmon

              The Yew may be close to what the OP is looking for, since Four Seasons Hotel holds the annual BC Children's Hospital's Festival of Trees contest there and all the contestant trees are on display in the ground floor lobby as well as on the second floor. Having said that, we feel the # of trees (and their creative decos) have been on the decline for a few years now :-(


          2. i'd say check out any of the major better brand name downtown hotels

            then again - even Sea Bus has a "holiday tree" - which is a very nice touch, for sure

            last year, the crew on one of the BC FErries made a driftwood "tree" for the seating area next to cafeteria area - it was fantastic - rebar involved - and their young people at home made ornaments. That was festive - and the food - well, it works at 10pm after a long day ; )

            perhaps you could eat in a restaurant of choice - then go for a walk and admire the various hotel decors - that's what we do (and we also go to Stanley Park train to see the Bright Lights fundraiser ---- mmm roasted chestnuts at the concession)

            festive is what you make it -
            and remember to plan to go home safely! ; )