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Nov 5, 2013 07:15 PM

Final CBC Mtl Farm Panel

I'm as urban as they come (my farming is now restricted to balcony herbs and tomatoes, and never was much more than a tiny garden patch) but I'll miss the farm panel on Radio-Noon, CBC:

Probably only people who work mostly at home tune into such things (I also listen to the early-morning Radio-Canada farm shows).

Important to remember where our food comes from!

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  1. I stopped listening to the CBC a long time ago. But I'm sad to hear that they're giving up on the Farm Panel. In it's place can I suggest Bien dans son assiette on Radio-Canada (95.1). 19h and 4h (for the really early risers :-) or online

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      Oh yes, I do listen to Bien dans son assiette as well. Often online.