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Nov 5, 2013 06:54 PM

good, quick lunch near Baltimore Waterfront Marriott?

I'll be attending a conference for a few days at the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott, and will be able to escape only for a quick lunch (an hour or less) during the day. Any recommendations for non-fast food nearby? I can't take more than an hour.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Isabellas (brick oven pizza, porchetta sandwiches, etc.),221 S High St, and Piedigrotta Bakery (Italian pastries, hot foods, some sandwiches), 1300 Bank St, are both nearby. Isabellas is the quicker of the two.

    1. Both of Lawhound's picks are over 1 mile away. With an hour for lunch, I'm not sure that will work for you.

      You can peruse threads on the Lexington Market and decide if it's for you. Another option is Alewife:

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        Chefdilettante, you may be thinking of a different Marriott. The one mentioned above is on Aliceanna Street in Harbor East, and is -- per GoogleMaps -- .3 miles from Isabella and a similar distance from Piedigrotta.

        Attman's is also a good choice.

        1. re: lawhound

          Lawhound, my bad/my apologies: I confused the Waterfront Marriott with the Marriott Inner Harbor.

      2. I'd walk up to Attman's on Lombard Street, amazing deli with homemade corned beef, etc.

        Maybe a 10 minute walk from Harbor East.

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          I would never pass up an opportunity to hit Attman's - yes the corned beef is awesome, and the pastrami is not to be dismissed either. good amount of schmaltz in the matzoh ball soup. there's interesting architecture of the old synagogue across the street to be admired from lunch at a table in their "kibbitz" room