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Frank' s Bakery, Amarillo, TX

Kim and Michael Bennett May 2, 2005 08:19 PM

We were recently passing through Amarillo on our way to Austin with a side trip to Palo Duro Canyon when we drove past a nondescript building that said, Frank's Bakery A real French Bakery.(or something to that effect) We were skeptical, but entered anyway, being true "Frankophiles" (yuk). Anyway, we went in and asked about the ingredients. Yes, real butter and that results in real croissants etc. Long story shorter, fabulous! No kidding. The Almond croissants were as good as any we had in France or at Turtle Bread (in Edina, MN). The palmiers were also divine and addictive. The bread was also up to French standards. Need I say more? We had to stop trying everything due to diet restrictions. If you happen to be going through Amarillo, take the time to stop here. The bakery is run by a French man and his daughter who arrived about 9 months ago (she actually likes Amarillo.) She has a young son and says it's a better place to raise kids than Paris. Anyway, this bakery is located right off of Interstate 40 on Western. It's just one block north of 40 on the corner of Western and Wolflin near McDoh's (McDonald's) I think they should move to Austin.

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  1. indulgence RE: Kim and Michael Bennett Jul 9, 2008 10:24 AM

    Thanks for this! My husband and I are going to Palo Duro next week and i though just maybe someone would have a good lunch suggestion. Really appreciate you taking the time. Can wait to try it.

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