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Nov 5, 2013 04:55 PM

Weight watchers Breakfast and snacks!

Hi All,

I know there have been posts about this but I want to start a new one!
What is everyones " go to" breakfast and snacks!?

I need some more ideas!

I usually have the same thing:
Breakfast- Light wheat bread with an egg white, either ham or center cut bacon(which is 1 point for two pieces BTW) and a piece of light american cheese. I put that in the george forman grill. Sometimes I will put some iceburg lettuce and ketchup on it and not use the george forman. I always toast the bread to make it super cripsy. Sometimes I will mix it up and use deli ham instead of the center cut bacon. Either way that adds up to 4 points.

I hate oatmeal(I wish I liked it). I know it's super healthy, I just don't like it. I don't really like sweets either.

For snacks:

I will have some fruit: some type of berries(which I force myself to eat because I don't like anything sweet) but it;s 0 points and healthy so I have it.

I'll have veggies, I love veggies. I will usually have carrots, celery, or peppers and dip them in tzaziki, hummus, or laughing cow cheese.

I'd love to have salads at work but I can't because my boss doesnt really like us eating that at our desk.

Other then that I have Lipton Cup of Soups(chicken, and spring noodle are 1 point)

I have baked chips or lentil chips from Trader joes

I want some ideas! What do you all like to have?

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  1. Hi, I just restarted WW after. 5 year hiatus. Our leader gave us this tip: spice cake mix, add one can (12oz) of pumpkin purée (not pumpkin pie filling) and 1/4 cup egg beaters. That's it. Mix with a mixer till completely mixed. Follow cooking time on cake mix box.It makes about 12-15 very large muffins ( fill muffin tin 3/4 full) they are only 4 points each compared to 14-15 for a similar sized muffin from a shop. You can also sub out the pumpkin for a similar sized jar of Apple sauce. I really like the pumpkin flavor and it also works as a later in the day snack. My favorite go to breakfast is yogurt with bear naked fit granola mixed in. It seems to keep me full for a long time.

    1. Hi!
      I am like you. I don't like sweets at all, including fruits, juices, shakes and anything that taste sweet.
      That's a problem now, that I want to do a detox/cleanse and everyday there's a flavored shake to drink...
      I'd love some ideas too, and some alternatives for those shakes.

      1. Hungry Girl has some great egg mug recipes. They are mostly 2 pts. The basic one 1/2 cup eggbeaters, 1 wedge of laughing cow light cheese (any flavor). Spray mug with Pam, put in the eggeaters and chopped up wedge of cheese, stir, microwave for 1 minute remove and stir, microwave for 45 seconds (it will puff up over the top of the mug, no worries) remove and stir. I like to put it in a 2 pt. tortilla with some salsa. If you google Hungry Girl egg mug recipes she has a bunch.