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Nov 5, 2013 04:52 PM

Pareve ready made pie crust?

Anyone know who makes one? Thanks!

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  1. I know I have found some in the passt in the frozen case. I belive it was a deep dish one. Not making pie this year so I have not looked for any shells- sorry.

    1. Walmart's Great Value brand (comes in deep dish and I think regular). If you live where there are Publix groceries, they have a regular (versus the deeper one) sized pie crust.

      1. Mrs. Smith's/oranoque farms was OU-pareve but one of them became OU-D. I think Mrs. smith'sid still available. There are Jewish brands as well-Unger'sis one off the top of my head.

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          Mrs Smith's went dairy. Oronoque pie crusts are more expensive than Great Value.

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            This is the Mrs. Smith's/Oronoque crust i'm talking about. Found it this morning in a local kosher supermarket in NJ. Pareve OU. Perhaps the new productions are dairy and they still have some pareve ones left?

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              The shells labeled Mrs Smith went dairy months ago and the labels reflect that. In the past, the Oronoque shells didn't say they were made by the makers of Mrs Smith. Maybe they have different factories now.

        2. Either Albertson's or Safeway house brand was parve. Can't recall which.

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            Randall's store brand is parve. Same company as Safeway.

          2. Wholly wholesome makes them. They are OU certified. I buy them in Fairway