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Nov 5, 2013 04:46 PM

寧波旅港同鄉會 Ning Po (Central) - best and must try dishes?

I am extremely lucky to learn that someone I know is a member at Ning Po in Central.

What are your favorite and must try dishes for those who have been?
I know about the smoked eggs, and that's on the to-try list if I make it there.


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  1. At this time of the year - go for the hairy crabs if they have them in stock. It's already Nov, so go for the male crabs. Some of the dishes are seasonal, the wait-staff should be able to recommend those.

    What I had on previous visits there are the ubiquitous Shanghainese dishes - besides the smoked eggs which yoiu'd already mentioned, they also do good stewed pig's trotter, lion's head dumpling and freshwater shrimps with Longjing tea-leaves. All done pretty well.

    Do share with us your dining experience at Ningbo Assoc. - it's been a long while since I was back there, and I'm curious to know how it is these days. My aunt & her family in HK are members of the Shanghai Residents' Association, so I'm usually brought to the restaurant there instead whenever I visit them in HK.

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      Agree with everything klyeoh said!! Especially the Hairy Crab!!
      Order any 'fish' dishes since unlike 'overseas' where a lot of dining establishments are now using 'cheaper' species like Basa or Tilapia, Hong Kong still uses real Turbots, Soles....etc. Love their sole filet with wood fungus and wine sauce!
      In addition, I love almost ALL their small plate appetizer dishes especially the 'Weird Tasting Chicken' and the 'Chinese Jellied Headcheese'.
      Don't forget their pot-stickers and pan fried buns. Super juicy filling with tasty broth!
      Even their Shanghai 'thin thread' noodles are damn good!

    2. out of curiousity how do you become a member of some of these regional clubs?

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        Referral/sponsor by current members and $$$ membership fees!
        eg: No need to be a Shanghainese to become member of Shanghai Fraternity association!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Correct, it's been like this for the last 20 to 30 years for the fairly well known clubs. There's also something called debenture, which is like an entry/application fee...but doesn't necessarily guarantee you entry. Jockey Club's website has something called a re-sponsor fee of HKD$15,000.

          Strangely "debentures" are also being used for private school admissions too apparently (primary and secondary education!) Someone on openrice mentioned that the annual fee is something like HKD$4000 for Ning Po but sometimes you can't trust what people write on that site.

          1. re: K K

            debenture means debt, but doesnt sound like that might be the meaning here