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Nov 5, 2013 04:41 PM

Best ways to use green bell pepper?

I have over 2 pounds of green bell peppers (some are baby, not sure if their flavor is different--haven't tried them yet) from my CSA. I usually am not a fan of green pepper because they're so bitter. Any suggestions for using them up? Just putting them into the base of stews/chilis/etc. uses a very small bit at a time. Would love to knock them all out in fell swoop...

ETA: Our household eats fish, but no meat.

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  1. Green peppers should not be bitter.'
    How about stuffing them either with a ground beef/ rice combo or another grain and nuts?if some are too small to stuff, you can make a casserole layering the ingredients.

    They also freeze well; you can blanch and chop or just chop and use them all winter.

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        Anne Burrell says that she finds no excuse for green pepper. Green peppers are bell peppers that have not been allowed to properly ripen. I love all kinds of peppers, but I can't stand them unripe. I'm with Anne all the way.

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          Same! I threw some of them into a thai curry last night and they were OK -- helped by the sweetness of the coconut milk and the bitter edge taken off by some cooking -- but still, I can't think of many situations in which I'd really choose green over red...

    1. Easy, buy a ton of ground beef, and make "peppers, onions and beef" (picadillo, in other words). Use some olives, some mexican oregano, some cilantro... and don't forget the sherry!

      Delish, and it'll keep for months in the freezer.

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        Forgot to mention that I don't eat beef...could do it with faux ground beef, though. Thanks!

      2. I've been stuffing them with ground meats and veggies (no grains,) and baking them in a dish of tomato based sauce. They really mellow that way.

        You could certainly just use veggies, cheese and nuts.

        1. I really like to use green peppers in spanish dishes. I roast those long thin green peppers and serve them as a tapas dish, it really brings out the sweetness and then I'm generous with the salt, so morish. You could get through a lot that way (I certainly could!) They're an essential to add to paella, and the bravas sauce I use has peppers in too.

          I also like to stuff them with a mushroomy risotto and bake them with parmesan, sometimes breadcrumbs too for added crunch.

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            I like them Spanish style as well. Julianne the peppers. Cooking slowly in olive oil, finished with a dash of sherry vinegar.

          2. I like to cut a bell pepper in half and fill it with tuna salad (or even hummus) and take it to work with me for lunch. I use the other half to pack lunch for my boyfriend :)

            I don't find that they taste bitter this way, maybe because I make my tuna salad with homemade mayo and chopped pickles so it's creamy/salty...?