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Nov 5, 2013 03:52 PM

Warung Kampung Indonesian food stand

It is inside JD's market on Eglinton/Beachell across from Walmart. Good street food. Nasi Goreng is made to order.

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  1. I was meaning to do a write-up for this place a couple weekends ago after I visited for a Saturday lunch. When I arrived there was already a line of people ordering food, mainly other Indonesians judging by me being able to understand what they were saying. Word travels!

    For $7 you get a lunchtray consisting of rice, a meat dish and a veggie. For an extra dollar you can get an extra item (taxes in). When you get your food, you can take it upstairs to an eating area. It's not fancy by any means, just a place to set your tray down and eat.

    Since there were four of us, I got to try several items. Overall, I liked most of it. I really like the sate ayam (chicken skewers) and the yummy peanut sauce it comes drenched in. They had two veggies the day I went : I would get the kale again but pass on the grilled eggplant. They give little containers of homemade chili sauce that is really good when mixed in with the sauce over the rice. we also had pepes udang (a shrimp dish cooked in banana leaf) and empal (sort of like beef jerky - this one was crispy, i'm familiar with a softer version). They also had curry goat and opor ayam (coconut milk chicken).

    We finally have an Indonesian place being run by Indonesians. Indonesian food typically takes a lot of preparation, many different spices and lots of time. I want them to do well so go people!!

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    1. re: sumashi

      Thank you so much for the heads-up, sumashi! Will definitely give it a try!!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        I went Tuesday. Had Tofu with herbs and green chillies wrapped in banana leaf, shrimp cooked in banana leaf in a spicy lemongrass sauce, beef rendang, chicken in a mild yellow curry sauce, grilled eggplant, veggies fritters, and cabbage cooked in coconut sauce. If you like spicy food, make sure ask for the green chillies sauce.
        It sounds like more dishes on the weekend. $8 rice with 3 items. $9 with 4 items. Mom & daughter run the food stand. Closed on Monday.

        1. re: smfan

          Seems like we each tried different things, smfan :) I haven't been back for a second visit but am interested to try their beef rendang though I make it at home. I personally love the texture of beef shank for rendang but find places here tend to use stew beef.

          Also, I heard they got rid of the 2 items for $7 option so it's only the 3 or 4 item options now.

          1. re: sumashi

            I don't think they use beef shank or dark soy sauce cause the rendang is creamy orange coloured. It is not spicy either.

      2. re: sumashi

        Sounds like a gem of a find. I take it that Indonesian food is pretty rare in Toronto?

        1. re: klyeoh

          Hi klyeoh, sorry I missed your question! Yeah, I would say proper Indonesian food is pretty rare, almost non-existent in restaurants around Toronto (or even Ontario maybe).

        2. re: sumashi

          Their standard menu: rendang (beef curry), chicken satay, pepes (steamed shrimp/mushroom/tofu wrapped in banana leaf), grilled spiced chicken or chicken curry. Plus variety of other items, e.g. fried tempeh, fritters, etc.

          Although we call it curry, the taste & spices on the beef curry are totally different than the chicken curry.
          They toned down the 'heat' on the dishes but the chili sauce on the side will do for those who like hot/spicy. However, the spices and tastes are very good and definitely not canadianized.

          The crispy beef jerky is the unique 'balado' from the Padang/south Sumatra region. It is addictive IMHO.

          On weekends they add one or two other dishes.

          Allergy alert. Indonesian satay/kebab is marinated with peanut sauce. Even if you ask the dish to be served without the peanut sauce the kebabs were in contact with peanuts. They are considering of preparing peanut free satay in the future.

          Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 am - 8:00 pm.

          It is own & operated by a family from Central Java on a trial basis. If there are enough customers the business will continue.
          Please visit them.

          1. re: knusprig

            I'll be there next week, thanks

          2. re: sumashi

            Terima kasih. We will try today.

          3. Popped in on my way home from work yesterday. I had everything in the hot tray: beef rendang, curry chicken, curry goat, jackfruit. Also tried the fritters and the shrimp pepes. Price was $25 all-in (two dinners-rice,2 meat, 1 veg), 2 fritters, 1 pepe) - I think the serving containers could be a little bigger.

            Nice distinct flavours in the curries - not overly greasy. Sticky, yummy rice. I could take or leave the fritters, and the pepe was different, but spicy and tasty. I got a bag of the jerky for free, and wow, that stuff is addictive.

            Truly friendly and helpful ladies that run the place. I hope they succeed.

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            1. re: mariecollins

              What Jerky? Beef? I did not see any.

              1. re: smfan

                It was on top of the counter, to the right of the hot food. It's in a clear plastic container. We bought some but haven't tasted it yet.

              2. re: mariecollins

                Yes, i think that it is not good value for what you pay.

                Try the fresh Persian? bread in the corner of the store. Fir a buck or two it's pretty good!

              3. For those who don't speak Scarborough, that's Eglinton Ave E, 2 blocks west of Markham Rd.

                smfan, good Indonesian food is such a rare find so a very big thanks. I'll definitely make the trip. Do you think it should get added to the Scarborough Gems post?

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                1. re: Googs

                  Yes Googs if you like their food.

                  1. re: smfan

                    The Gems map isn't my personal map. It's a reflection the collective voice of that post. I don't agree with all choices, but that's unimportant. So what do YOU think?

                2. Is it open for lunch? A bit of a hike from my office, but it sounds like it's worth a try.

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                  1. re: hal2010

                    Their hours are Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 am - 8:00 pm. Monday closed.
                    Phone 416 431 4566.
                    Remember it is inside JD Market. I don't know JD's business hours. A banner outside says 'Indonesian Street Food'.

                  2. How new is this place? No matter how I enter it, by name, partial name, address, intersection, what-EVER it does not come up on DineSafe.

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                      1. re: Googs

                        I wonder how long it takes for restaurants to be put up on DineSafe. I guess you won't be going til it's up, Googs? I'm curious to know your thoughts on the food!

                        1. re: sumashi

                          My desire for good Indonesian may take over. It's weird, though, that not even JD's Market is in there. It's completely under the radar.