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Nov 5, 2013 03:26 PM

Escape to Sweets Raku from the Strip? & MGM Questions

I'll be in town this Sunday to Wednesday for a medical software conference that my boss has packed with mandatory activities including meals. We'll be staying at the MGM, no car. I would like to make a trip to Sweets Raku for the foie and sweets, which are 2 of my biggest weaknesses. If I am done with all my work activities by say, 8pm - can I cab it to Sweets Raku and back? Sounds like it is more crowded after 8pm but that is unfortunately the only time I might have free. If there is a long waiting line, do you wait indoors, or is the space small so you have to wait outdoors?

MGM Questions - my boss is not an adventurous eater and although I really enjoyed L'Atelier, I doubt she would. Are there favorites among Pub 1842, Fiamma, Craftsteak & Wolfgang Puck? She is going to want to stay on property for meals.

I would love to escape to Jean Philippe Patisserie, Payard for an almond croissant or even Serendipity if I get the chance. Maybe my only option will be Sugar Factory since they don't close. Wish me luck!

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  1. For your MGM questions - Craftsteak doesn't get a lot of love on this board, but my one meal there was quite enjoyable - great side dishes, not so great value but presumably you're not paying. I notice you didn't mention Emeril's (maybe too adventurous for your boss?) - I know the man himself has become a bit of a caricature, but I've had consistently good experiences there, and if anyone is your party is into wine they have one of the best and more reasonably priced cellars on the Strip.

    1. If you were here on Saturday I'd drive ya to Sweets Raku - it is definitely worth it and I need to get back. If you're going to make your way down there I'd do Raku or Kabuto first, then head to Sweets Raku.

      For MGM - Mina PUB1842 is good, but avoid anything deep fried. Craftsteak is pricey and can be hit/miss. When it hits it is good. I also agree with rcurtism - Emeril can still turn out some great food.

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        Too bad! I would take you up on your offer and we could talk about fun stuff like ICD-10 & electronic medical records.

        If I have enough time I'd love to go to Raku first, then Sweets Raku. I wish they were open on Sundays because that seems to be my lightest scheduled day. At Raku, how's the wait for a single diner, on a non-weekend?

        1. re: SanJoseHound

          Depends what time you go. On a non-weekend you can likely walk in MOST times. Weekends, if you go early or ~9-11 it seems tame from what I've seen.

      2. We recently had a great meal at Craftsteak. We had the domestic Wagyu chef's selection and it was outstanding. Three courses, all great. The skirt steak was amazing - tender but toothsome, with a fabulous brandy sauce. The desserts were beautiful and delicious. Service was excellent.
        Pub 1842 was good. Casual atmosphere, juicy burgers and I really liked my kale and artichoke chips "Caesar" salad. Service was fine.
        Wolfgang Puck's is dependable and quite good. Professional service and I've never been disappointed with my meals. We usually have at least one meal there when staying at MGM.
        I also liked Grand Wok for a quick meal.

        1. Thanks MrsCris & rcurtism - if my boss asks for my opinion, I will probably lean toward Emeril's, or PUB. I'm guessing she might lean toward Craftsteak. I'm not paying so technically I should have no complaints ;)