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Nov 5, 2013 03:11 PM

Choice between Meredays and Osteria Tulia-Naples?

We are planning a trip to Naples and have one night open and would like to go to one of these two restaurants. I understand they are completely different formats and cuisine but we like both menus and they both have had outstanding reviews. Any thoughts if you have to choose one and why?

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  1. I have the same decision coming up and I am tending to Osteria Tulia...Mereday's doesn't allow much flexibility. You have to order dessert as part of the 3 courses, etc. etc. That sort of chef dictator historically hasn't done well in Naples. LMF

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      Thanks for the reply. I am intrigued by Mereday's and how creative the menu is. We have already booked (and like from previous visits) for the other nights we will be in Naples: Bleu Provence, Chops and Cafe Lurcat.

      FYI- we are going to be in Naples between Christmas and New Years and Meraday's apparently already has bookings during that time.

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        Choose Escargot 41 over Bleu Provence for delicious French cuisine in a romantic setting. Both spots are reasonably priced. Cafe Lurcat is ok. Try Bha! Bha!, Veranda E, and Bites ar the Ritz. Charlie Chiang's is my spot for Asian, with Bonita's Omei not far behind. I'd try to dine at both Mereday's and Tulia.

        Mereday's is superb food in a casually elegant setting, and Tulia is stick to your ribs good Italian from region near Brindisi, Italy. "Apples and oranges" to try and compare the two.

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          I appreciate your reply. Will look into Escargot 41. We have been to Bha! Bha! and thought it was good , not great. We are going to Lurcat not only for the food (I agree-good not great) but we like the atmosphere, fun/alive. Have been to Bites will look into Veranda E.

    2. Tulia & Mereday's are the stars. Agree, completely different. FYI-if you eat in the bar area at Mereday's you have total flexibility with the menu and are not restricted to a specific number of courses or specific courses in general. You need to choose between authentic Italian (Tulia is not a "red sauce joint") vs a more contemporary one. All due respect to your choices but I live in Naples and I would default to Mereday's and Tulia and drop Cafe Lurcat as it is not in their league. Enjoy your trip!

      1. We went to Mereday's for lunch yesterday. Wrote something here:

        1. would go to Alberto's in Fifth over Lurcat and i like the atmosphere there better as well as the food. and Sea Salt is certainly better as far as food too.
          Maybe Avenue5 will be open by then too (McCabe's makeover of his casual pub) which is suppose to be higher end to go with his 500/nite rooms at the Inn.
          my go to for comfort food but also well made and great service is Bricktops at Waterside.

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            McCabe has opened Avenue5...I have a review on Chowhound. It's probably the priciest spot on 5th Ave South.