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Nov 5, 2013 02:51 PM

Sage or Le Cirque?

I know they're quite different in terms of food and atmosphere, but if you could only dine at one, which would you pick? I'm from the NYC area so I was initially hesitant to pick LeC, but I'm not all that excited by the menu at Sage. It looks like a billion other New American spots I've been to. The overwhelming praise for LeC on this board is making me wonder if we should switch our res to Le Cirque. If it helps, our other dinners in LV are Raku, e by Jose Andres and Carnevino.


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  1. Being from NYC area will be very interested to hear what you think of Carnevino. Agree with Sage observation, no real reason to try when there are many similar type of restaurants in the city. It's very good but each time I go I always find myself saying "that dish could have been excellent had they..." Le Cirque is much better all around and you will enjoy. HOWEVER, if you compare to original Le Cirque you will be disappointed. If you have never been to Lotus of Siam you should try and squeeze in a meal there. Arguably the best Thai food around.

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      Thanks! I've admittedly only been to the NY Le Cirque once awhile ago. It isn't really talked about much these days in the Manhattan dining scene.

      As for Carnevino, I also wasn't crazy about going to a Batali restaurant, since we have plenty here (albeit no steakhouses), but my husband wants one steak meal and we tried Cut last visit.

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        I'm from NYC, and have dined at Le Cirque NYC, Le Cirque LV, and Sage. First, Le Cirque LV is vastly superior to Le Cirque NYC both for food and service. If Le Cirque NYC was as good as its LV counterpart, I'd be a "regular", and it would be talked about on the Manhattan board (by at least me). Second, while Sage is very good, again, Le Cirque LV is superior for both food and service.

        1. re: ellenost

          I am referring to Le Cirque in the Mayflower then in The Palace (Le Cirque 2000). The current iteration is a shell of its former self that replicates as opposed to innovates. It would be like comparing Nobu when it first opened (early 90's) to Nobu today.

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            While I had not dined at Le Cirque in the Mayflower, I had dined at Le Cirque in the Palace Hotel; my critique remains the same.

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          Like many restaurants in LV nowadays, the strip is littered with cookie cutter establishments that live on their reputation of days gone by (in other cities albeit). Rao's, Il Mulino, Nobu, all of Batalis spots (most notably B&B), Wolfgang Puck...the list goes on. All of the original restaurants that these mega-chefs use to own/run were outstanding. However they are not on the line and have stamped their names on them. That is not to say they are bad. Some are very good. But the innovation and experimentation is not there, nor is that what it is suppose to be. It's about the almighty $ to these places. They have to generate revenue as they are run ( or at least rent space from) mammoth corporations. That is why places like Raku and Lotus of Siam are so much more exciting.

      2. Love both, but Le Cirque definitely gets my vote. It's far more special than Sage, in pretty much every way.

        1. I haven't been to Le Cirque, but Sage was highly disappointing. I realize that's a minority view on this board, but the food was meh, the wine list was uninspired, and the service was mediocre. Way too many better restaurants in LV. Like the ones you've chosen.

          1. Just want to thank everyone for their feedback. We had a flawless meal at Le Cirque on our first night in Vegas and frankly, none of our subsequent meals (at esteemed spots like e by Jose Andres and Raku) compared, when you factor in Le Cirque's food, service and room. My attempt at summarizing our meals is below.


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              Glad Le Cirque lived up to all of the praise. I read you other post; thanks for the detailed report.

              1. re: ellenost

                +1. As another "praiser" of Le Cirque, I too am happy that you weren't disappointed.