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Nov 5, 2013 02:02 PM

SF's Best Restaurants for Chicken?

I'm trying to think of a place to bring friends who are coming to town this weekend. One of them really likes chicken (but doesn't eat other meat or fish). Last time they visited, we went to Limon, which was a big hit. So I'm trying to think of other places in SF proper where chicken is the focus. What am I missing? I'm probably looking more for hole-in-the-wall/inexpensive places, and not mid- or high-end.

Zuni (probably too expensive for this occasion, but it should be on this list)

Goood Frickin Chicken - I always get the shawarma or falafel, which is great. Never actually tried the straight-up chicken.

Shin To Bul Yi - I like this place on Taraval for Korean Fried chicken. What other places have it?

Toyose - Another Korean chicken option.

Limon - Great for Peruvian chicken, but we went here last time. This vibe and price-point are perfect though for what I'm looking for.

San Tung - Too crowded, and I dislike most of the menu (with the exception of the chicken).

I think there are a number of places that specialize in Southern fried chicken, so would be great to know about those. But really I'm looking for other places, maybe off the radar, that are worth the trip for the chicken.

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  1. Salt-baked chicken at Hakka Restaurant.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Does that need to be ordered in advance?

      1. re: Dave MP

        No, it's on the regular menu available as a half or whole. But when you call for a reservation, you can tell them to hold one for you. There's also a roast chicken stuffed with preserved greens that is very good, and that needs to be ordered a day ahead. I would suggest that you make a reservation. I was there twice this summer and was stunned that the restaurant was completely full on a week night both times. They must be doing three dinner turns a night. We were lucky to get a table the first time.

        Here's the one stuffed with preserved greens and mushrooms. I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any other meat or seafood in the stuffing. You could ask.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Is that stuffing similar to what's in the 'bacon with preserved veggie' dish?

          I think we'll probably go for the salt-baked, though. Looks like you can order ahead for an entire chicken, but for the half chicken you can just order when you get there.

          1. re: Dave MP

            Yes, though since Hakka preserves its own, they're less salty and funky than other versions. Here's your post on the stuffed chicken,

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Thanks for the reminder. Apparently I liked it!

    2. Il Pollaio (italian name, but owned by a family from South America, I think Argentina?). Simple but nice--grilled chicken, bean or green salad on the side, hefty steak fries, and cheap.

      1. I haven't been but you could try Proposition Chicken.
        Also, there is The Front Porch or Wayfare Tavern

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        1. re: Scott M

          Somebody said recently that Front Porch's fried chicken's not what it used to be:

          Sarah Kirnon, the chef who put it on the map, has her own place in Oakland, Miss Ollie's, three blocks from 12th St. BART. Best fried chicken I know of.

        2. Pollo asada burrito at La Cumbre. They use a very nice marinate and haven't had anything similar in the Mission (but I'm sure there's others).

          1. At one point Range was ranked highly here for their roast chicken. I can't recall if I've had it but I've had nothing but good experiences there in the past.

            Delfina's chicken dish is also solid.