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Nov 5, 2013 01:49 PM

Topical Boards: location...location...location!....and other considerations

Rant/request: *Please* think about whether or not your location matters, and include it if it does, before hitting the "post" button. It's frustrating to answer a question in detail, only to have the OP's response include previously-omitted factors which render one's contribution useless. On the continuing Costco yea/nay thread, people have become pretty good about including the location of their stores, since inventory differs from area to area, but that probably wouldn't have happened if the OP didn't specifically request that posts include this detail.

Most hounds are eager to be helpful. Please respect their time and generosity by mentioning all relevant details in your OP. For example, a current HC post wants suggestions for easy, prepare-ahead non-holiday dishes to make for the days before and after Thanksgiving and Christmas. I suggested hearty soups to make and freeze now. Later, the OP said s/he likes soup but lives in an area with warm/hot November-December weather. In this instance, no big deal for me, since it was a brief post, taking only a snippet of my time, and that of others reading my post. Had I dug out my cookbooks and duplicated several recipes, I'd have been annoyed. There should be a commonly-understood acronym for "why the %*#& didn't you tell me that in the first place?" ;-)

Don't make me click over onto your profile to see if it reveals your location. It probably doesn't, anyway. I don't know that you have a cooktop but no oven. Don't assume I know that your allergies, religious restrictions, or other food issues. End of rant. Thank you.

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  1. I can understand this frustration, but if it's any consolation, for any question you answer, there are going to be many more people reading it besides the OP. So even if your suggestion might not help them, you are still definitely helping lots of other people!

    I do think that a strength of Chowhound is that the more detailed your question, the better answer you'll get. But sometimes it takes a while posting on the site to realize that.