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Nov 5, 2013 01:41 PM

Yasuda's new life in Tokyo!!! Watch Bourdain's Parts Unknown cover his life (link inside)

Fast foward to 13:08 and enjoy!

So nice to see Yasuda-san doing well!

P.S. fast forward to 37:48 for more Yasuda.

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    1. It's fascinating that he doesn't buy the expensive cuts of fish from tsukiji, but rather uses his sushi voodoo techniques.

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      1. re: silencespeak

        It's fascinating that he broke the first two rules of Fight Club.

        1. re: silencespeak

          Well, the results aren't exactly in the top tier of Tokyo sushi.

          1. Thanks for the video.
            Would any one of you go to Tokyo and eat at his restaurant?
            I personally wouldn't. Would I eat at Sushi Yasuda when in NYC? Of course times 100. I am going there today too!

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            1. re: Monica

              I've been to Tokyo twice and will probably be going back in the next few years. If his Tokyo spot is still around I'll definitely hit it up and let chowhound know how it is.

              1. re: silencespeak

                It's been reviewed on the Japan board a couple of times.

                Immediate location is across from one of the largest graveyards in Tokyo. But it's also in a spot among several parts of town known for foreign tourists and residents, so I can see him getting a lot of those type of clientele that want to converse in English.

                I'm in Tokyo a few weeks every year. I don't think I'd ever go myself. However according to Bourdain's narration, Yasuda lives in the neighborhood I usually stay in when I'm there. Maybe I'll see him on the street...or in a brawl or an illegal cockfight or something like that...

                1. re: silencespeak

                  I have a feeling his place is going to be open for exactly the amount of time he's missing to be eligible for a full Japanese pension :)

                  Not that he tells me anything.

              2. My lunch at Yasuda was pretty disappointing today. Anago was almost too hot and felt like it was microwaved or steamed.
                Even simple salmon sushi was pretty mediocre. rice too was abit too wet.