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Nov 5, 2013 12:55 PM

Foodie Recommendations? Only time for one good meal [San Francisco]

So Its been a while since the start up I worked for blew up so I have not kept up with the SF food scene, which I'm sure is near impossible to do for all those of you that live there. Anyway, looking for a suggestion for a foodie new american kind of place. I liked Aqua, slanted door, salt house in the past. Not really looking for an over the top formal place, not just pure ethic, but something that puts the 2 together. Momofuku ABC, Craft, Annisa, and blue Hill come to mind in NYC if that helps. These are some of the names I was given for SF: Van Than Long, Le Colony, Crestline, and Kokkari Estiatorio, but dont trust the source that much.

Or am I going about it wrong, Is SF cuisine something different and I should embrace something else while in the bay area?

Anyway, any help is appreciated. thx.

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  1. so you live in boston, but are in manhattan regularly?

    amber india
    la mar

    are all in the same vein as slanted door and salt house, i'd say -- upscale, some-what ethnic, not too challenging. i like them all.

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      :). Observant! I have limited food dollars and calories left In my lift, so I find ny food more interesting for my palette. Boston has good ethnic stuff, but not as much new American and I think generally too expensive. But really love sf food scene (and Chicago)

    2. I don't have anything unique to say but

      Would quince be too formal? If so, you could try the NOPA, Frances, Baker & Banker ilk. Rich Table also has some good reports.

      The cal-italian is particularly good e.g. cotogna, flour + water, locanda, incanto etc.

      1. Maybe Bar Tartine (Cal-Hungarian-Japanese) or Namu Gaji (Cal-Korean).

        1. Update: gawd its hard to get a reservation in sf. Of the 12 great recommendations on this page, I got 1 only, le mar. It was great nonetheless. Nothing stands out, maybe the whole fish, which seemed more line an asian sweet and sour whole fish, but it was good nonetheless. Ceviche was really good, they have a fried fish sampler, which is a little clam boxish pedestrian, so I would pass on the next time (but then again I'm in Boston). Short rib entree was really good. Cant remember much more, but nice vibe, great location, and $10 parking next door was perfect. Wine list was also reasonably priced, with (gasp) decent non Cali wines also. Thx all for help!!

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            Non-California wines dominate the majority of good wine lists around here.