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Nov 5, 2013 12:52 PM

Wedding gift idea - dinner kit ideas needed

I have some friends who got married but they didn't have a wedding, didn't register for anything, and generally have everything they need. They have a baby so going out can be difficult, so I thought I'd prepare them a "dinner kit" with high end stuff they wouldn't normally buy for themselves. I'm thinking some nice cheeses/charcuterie to start, then dry aged steaks, perhaps a salad with nice local greens. I'm stumped for a side though. I don't want them to have to do too much work to prepare it. I thought about some herbed baby potatoes they could roast, but anyone have any other ideas for an easy side with steak?

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  1. Maybe a biscuit mix? Then specify how much egg and milk to add. Although that does require some work.

    How about an herbed oil or spice mix that they can add to some sort of roasted veg? Truffle oil maybe?

    1. The tricky part is not knowing exactly when they will choose to prepare the dinner. The meats and cheese have a little flexibility but greens and many prepped vegetables do not.

      A marinated vegetable would hold up for several days. Perhaps a selection of interesting grains (black rice, unusual colors of quinoa) or a homemade or gourmet shop pilaf mix.

      The starter has room for interesting crackers and pickles!

      1. While you know them better than I do, the idea of a present that says "here, do this" sounds a little less carefree than gift-giving should be. Isn't there a nice gourmet take-out place in your area that has higher-end foods to go? There are several in my area and a gift of a nice bottle of wine with a gift certificate sounds less pressure-y to me. But that's just me.

        1. We were given a similar gift after our son was born and it ranks as one of the most thoughtful and appreciated gifts I ever received.

          I would suggest giving it with three or so dates and let them pick which day is best for them. That way you can deliver it nearly ready. Have the potatoes (which I think are perfect with steak and salad) ready to go in a pan and the salad prepped with dressing on the side.

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            Totally agree- this way they can pick the best day and you could drop off everything ready to go except the steaks. A potato dish they just need to reheat would be great, i love this recipe- i often swap for more mild cheese:

          2. What a nice idea. Instead of roasted potatoes (which I'd love to get!) you could do roasted butternut cut into cubes and mixed with olive oil, garlic, and herbs. Don't forget a good bottle of wine!

            A friend did something similar for me after a kid was born. She packed it in a large, sturdy, monogramed canvas tote from Lands End which I still use 15 years later.