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Nov 5, 2013 12:23 PM

Sukibayashi Jiro Roppongi vs. Edition Koji Shimomura.. Advice

I know the two are very different but I am flying through Tokyo and spending only one night there, and it just so happens to be a Sunday when most good restaurants are closed. So i've narrowed my choices down to these two and very much appreciate any advice as to which I should choose for dinner. I love both cuisines, so not an easy choice. Oh and if it matters, i'm coming from NYC.

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  1. Well, between the beauty of sushi and the talent of French cuisine, I am particularly attach to sushi, and I am French.. I will have a strong envy to recommend you sushi Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi,... but for me a chef like Shimomura that can cook French cuisine without cream and butter is a real good chef, but no extravagant waouh.. but on a Sunday, if you want to have some ambiance, go to Ginza, sushi Taichi is open at diner.,

    1. What I meant was the following: when you limited choice between these 2, it seems to me more a case of lack of other choices. I will rather go to Taichi: Roppongi in a Sunday night has no charm at all. Ginza, even on Sunday, is more lively... and Taichi is friendly.