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Nov 5, 2013 11:40 AM

Birthday dinner with pregnant wife in Oahu - Help?

Hi all, my wife and I will be celebrating her birthday on November 17th and I'm wondering what are some chowhound favourite go-to restaurants that are fitting of a very special occasion. It's her 30th and she is pregnant with our first child!

We celebrated our honeymoon in Maui last October and we are very much looking forward to visiting Oahu for a week. As stated, there are certain foods she must avoid including any raw fish/rare steaks/offals/some seafood etc.

We are very open minded and are open to any suggestions. We are hoping to keep the price tag to a reasonable amount, say under $150 for the two of us including tax and tip. Since she won't be drinking, I think that is reasonable. We would like to do a prix fixe or tasting menu if possible, but it's not a must.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Most of the prix-fixe menus include a wine pairing, but some of them it is an additional charge. At $150 for two you would be at the threshold of even the more expensive menus, although that would not include tip. I'd look at the prix fixe menu for LaMer, Alan Wong, Mavro, Roy's those would be good starting places for your search. But most of the prix fixe / tasting menu's are heavy on seafood. Clearly Nobu's or Morimoto's won't be on your list for this trip.

    I would get in touch with whoever looks best to you and arrange something in advance. I know others who do that for allergies, etc. Certainly planning for someone who is expecting can't be a first for any of the better restaurants.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, not being able to have some of the seafood is a shame. Looks like you can't really go wrong with some of these higher end places.

      What about some of the more casual places with exceptional food? We don't mind having a more casual vibe that's a little more fun that serves great food. Perhaps even beach side dining?

      We might be interested in a Luau as we never did try last time in Maui. Any favourites?

    2. You would do better to raise your limit to $200 and go to Chef Mavro. Two 4-course $85 meals without wine will cost about that total for a meal you will long remember, particularly the dessert of lilikoi sorbet on a coconut macaroon.

      1. For my memorable birthday dinner, Hau Tree Lanai has always been my choice. Prix fixe dinner around $70. Menu is mostly Asian fusion. Although the food is not on the very top of the list, the beautiful sunset on the beach patio dining is worth the ambience. If you are looking for indoor restaurant with a sunset view, Sarento's on the Top of Ilikai has prix fixes from $50 to $80. The food is mostly Italian fusion. Make sure you be there before the sun sets.

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          Great suggestions guys. This definitely will get my research going.

          1. re: roro808

            hau tree and micheles would top my list as well unless i really wanted to spend money.

          2. There's a full moon on Nov. 17, so I'd save some time from dinner for a stroll on the beach, say the walkway behind the Hale Koa hotel toward the Halekulani Hotel.

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              Great tip honu, that sounds wonderful. My wife and I love shaved ice, I'm sure we will somehow find our way to a shaved ice stand to cap off the night right!!

              1. re: ragged25

                Shave ice stands don't stay open late--they're more of an afternoon break thing.

            2. Thanks for all the help, I was going to book Alan Wong, but wife wanted some Japanese instead so we went to Izakaya Naru. Our meal was simple and enjoyable. I will include it in my report in a separate post.

              Once again, I appreciate all those that helped.