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Nov 5, 2013 11:18 AM

Birthday dinner recommendations

HELP! I offered to take my neighbors to dinner for their birthdays and they are big-time foodies. They're casual folks that love, love, love good and creative food (both meat and fish). I'm not too concerned with price (within reason though). I would love your suggestions...thanks!

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  1. "I'm not too concerned with price (within reason though)."

    Those are two nebulous and maybe conflicting statements. What are you looking to spend as a dollar range? $100 per person? More? Less?

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      1. Sorry...I would say somewhere between $50-$100 person excluding wine/cocktails. As for location, we live in Pasadena so anywhere from downtown LA west to Beverly Hills would work.

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            Nice menu...I agree. A great option.

            1. re: MPW425

              I have heard great things about Bestia. Hard reservation though. Sotto would be a good choice. Some common ownership and while not the same a great menu and dining experience.

              1. re: Thor123

                Thanks and you're right. I tried reserving for Bestia and they were booked solid. Another time though...definitely!

        1. Some of my favorites:

          Son Of A Gun
          Connie & Ted's
          Park's BBQ

          1. Red Medicine?
            Connie & Ted's?