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Nov 5, 2013 11:16 AM

Heady Topper Demand will go up

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  1. Only for those out of the area that have never had it and are thinking they may not ever be able to get it in the future. Which is wrong. This is a temporary thing - and in the meantime current authorized retailers will be selling the cases the Alchemist usually sells, so no beer is being taken out fo the supply side.

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    1. re: LStaff

      Exactly. No impact. Plus a new retail shop has already been anounced as in the works. Maybe open by X-Mas.

    2. It will be good for the local business's that sell Heady Topper, thus good overall for the VT economy.

      The only people who are getting upset are those that want to pick up a load of cases at one time at one place. Which often end up being bootlegged at non-authorized retailers.

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      1. re: SP1

        Its been a one case per person limit for some time now. I have noticed in the boston area anyway, Heady sightings have decreased dramatically after tighter limits were imposed.

        >thus good overall for the VT economy.

        Same amount of beer will still be bought in VT, just now more at retailers by locals vs. those who plan special trips up there. I think Waterbury/Stowe area's tourism will drop a little now that out of staters don't have a guaranteed source to pick up their case(s), Many won't go up there and spend the night and drink in the local pubs as a result. Probably a drop in the bucket during ski season though.

        1. re: SP1

          "It will be good for the local business's that sell Heady Topper, thus good overall for the VT economy."

          Bad for my wallet, though, since Alky only charges $3 a can and it's double+ everywhere else.

          1. re: Green_Shartreuse

            eventually you are going to be able to buy direct.