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Nov 5, 2013 11:11 AM

Love for Bergamot

As close as it is, I do not get to Bergamot often enough, and that is only because when we are hungry after work, East Coast Grill is closer and we end up going there. Last night, we made an unplanned – well-overdue visit, and I’m here to once again express my gushing love for Bergamot.

We sat at the bar and just loved being in the knowledgeable and gracious hands of Kai Gagnon, who poured 3 lovely wines BTG, and made 2 excellent cocktails for my husband and recommended 3 of the 4 courses upon which we decided. What great hands we were in!

Here’s a brief recap: we started with a special – a salumi plate of house made soppressata, Tasso ham, salami, and maple-glazed, cured beef flank. The soppressata was the standout with delicious heat from paprika and slight herbaceousness from marjoram. The flank was a close second. Overall a fabulous start and a nice 2010 Cheverny Hervé Villemade to accompany. My husband had a very peaty/smoky Scotch Manhattan – which I (a decided non scotch drinker) loved! We also were served an amuse to start – a smoky oyster soup with a rye? crumble. Really nice. Then we shared the beet salad – at this point I was still working on my glass of Gruner Vetliner, which I started with for cocktail hour. The beet salad was so pleasing – served with a maple vinaigrette, candied chestnuts, and turnip puree. I loved it. For dinner we split the flank steak and the most delicious veg dish of roasted butternut squash with poached pear, cranberries, frisée, black trumpet mushrooms, cippolini onions, and brown butter vinaigrette (this was really a salad, but it was very substantial). Each element was so delicious on its own and even better eaten together. I had another excellent wine BTG – this time the 2011 Bourgueil ‘Cuvée Prestige.’ I felt treated with this one. All glasses no more than $12 for a healthy pour. Husband had a fab cocktail made of bourbon, branch, and house made ginger beer with a huge floating cube and a dash of cinnamon.

Again, this whole meal, an off-the-cuff “I’m hungry let’s eat” after work – felt like a special occasion. Everything was fresh, inventive, and delicious; *and* we were treated to the service and company of Kai. I need to remind myself of how great this place is when we are trying to think of where to eat in the middle of the week.

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  1. i love their housemade charcuteries--- dan bazzalotti(sp?) does a wonderful job. house cocktails are great as well, the bar seats are the way to go!!!

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    1. re: kewpie

      I agree about the bar seats. I like to have the option of having that absurdly delicious and decadent Lobster Melt - and I almost went for it last night... I need to go back soon and make that right! :)

    2. SP,i really wish i had your appetite. No fair!

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      1. re: opinionatedchef

        My appetite requires that I also run a few miles every day and do upper- and lower- body circuits a few times a week to offset the intake! :)

        1. re: Small Plates

          sp, you did understand that i was envying your tiny appetite, yes? (our one dinner at B had us each needing a second entree.)

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Oh, haha - no I did not - I thought you meant the opposite. I actually thought these four dishes were very substantive. I'm hungry tonight, though and thinking about where to go/what to get - and there shan't be any sharing!! ;)