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Nov 5, 2013 11:04 AM

What to do with pomfret?

I have a whole pomfret. I tried pan frying one last night and it was pretty good but now I'm looking for something else to do with the second one that's different for dinner tonight. Anybody have ideas? I'm considering grilling it on my little indoor grill but, for me, even after I oil the fish it always sticks something awful to the grill and pulls apart unattractively when I try to flip it. For some reason fillets (with skin on) work out fine but not whole fish? Also, despite salting, it comes out relatively tasteless. Any tips for me to improve on that?

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  1. I love pomfret; the last time I made one, I seasoned it up and roasted it whole in the oven...I think it was the best fish I ever cooked. I like Indian seasonings so I doused the fish in coconut milk then seasoned with cumin, crushed mustard seed & red tandoori seasoning blend.

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      that sounds pretty good. What temp do you roast it at?

    2. You can buy some banana leaves, do a spice rub on the fish, wrap inside the banana leaf and grill it on the barbie or in the oven. I did that once. And for dipping sauce, I concocted a mix of light soy, sambal oelek, fish sauce, rice vinegar, sugar and minced garlic.

      But I don't like pomfret in general. Too boney and the meat texture not to my liking.