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Nov 5, 2013 10:46 AM

Best places for lunch?

Hello everyone.

I will be visiting New York in a few weeks and I am having a hard getting an itinerary together. I already have my dinner spots figured out, but lunch is harder. Most of the good high end places are closed for lunch.

What are some of the lunch spots one shouldn't miss when visiting NYC?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. "Most of the good high end places are closed for lunch."

    You don't mean Manhattan, do you?

    1. What are you talking about? TONS are open. This is a town that lunches. Bouley, The Modern, Ma Peche, Ssam, The Nomad, Gramercy Tavern, ABC Kitchen, ABC Cocina. 15 East, del Posto. per se, EMP, Le Bernardin, Marea, Babbo, Keens, Jean Goerges, the list goes on.....

      In fact, the only upscale places I know that do not offer lunch are Daniel, Atera and Craft.

      1. To avoid duplication, which restaurants have you booked for dinner?

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          1. re: Lacrosse_Gastronomic

            I haven't actually booked dinner yet. Most of the restaurants I want to book aren't taking reservations yet.

            Right now our first choices are EMP, Per Se, Jungsik, Atera and Sushi Yasuda. Hopefully they are good choices.

            I guess I was choosing the wrong restaurants for lunch then. Some of the places I read good things include Betony, Empellon Cocina and Aska.

            You guys already gave some great suggestions below. I live in Brazil and am not that familiar with NYC.

            Thank you!

            1. re: deknor

              Del Posto
              Momofuku Ssam Bar
              Empellon Taqueria (Cocina is closed for lunch on weekdays but serves brunch on weekends)

              1. re: deknor

                Empellon Taqueria is open for lunch, and IMO just as good and in a better neighborhood.

                You will need to be very strategic and diligent in making dinnerr reservations for EMP, Per Se, and Atera, just FYI. EMP is however open for lunch (with the same menu as dinner).

                If for some reason you don't make it to EMP, The NoMad is a great alternative and beautiful restaurant (also by Daniel Humm). NoMad does lunch, brunch and dinner.

                1. re: zeeEats

                  Thank you! And yes, I am getting ready for the reservations.

                  I tried for days to get one at The French Laundry in the past. I know how tough these places are...

                  And I have been to EMP last year. I actually got a reservation on the same day. Someone cancelled and they called us. I couldn't believe it!

                  We are planning on visiting The NoMad for lunch. We are looking forward to the roast chicken.

                  The thing about NYC is that there are so many great options that I am having a hard time squeezing everything into one single week...

            2. Can you be more specific about what type of places you're looking for during lunch? (Price points, atmosphere, cuisine, etc.?)

              It's seems like you're aiming for some higher-end restaurants that have a good lunch menu, though, so:
              - Del Posto: Their $39 prix-fixe lunch menu is quite the steal.
              - Bouley: The $55 lunch tasting is spectacular.
              - Jean Georges: The two-course lunch prix-fixe starts at $38 and each additional course is $19.
              - Aldea: Three course lunch prix-fixe is $25.
              - The NoMad: For lunch, they offer a sandwich version of their famous Roast Chicken.
              - Aureole: Prix fixe lunch is offered as well.
              - Gotham Bar and Grill: They have a $34 Greenmarket Prix-Fixe Lunch

              A lot of the high-end restaurants do offer weekday lunch; even Eleven Madison Park and Per Se do their full tasting menus throughout the week during lunch hours as well. You'll find a lot of good options with a little research.

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                1. re: deknor

                  The NoMad only has the chicken sandwich version of their chicken at brunch.

                  Also, do yourself a favor and don't over do the mega meals, if you do a tasting at EMP for lunch don't do a tasting at Bouley, etc...

              1. > Most of the good high end places are closed for lunch.

                Many high end spots ARE open for lunch--it just depends what days of the week you are talking about.

                However, if you are booking less than 1 month in advance, and not seeing anything, it is possibly because a restaurant is already fully committed. Additionally if you are looking for Sunday upscale, fine-dining lunch, the options are much fewer but it is not impossible.

                Some are only open for lunch on weekdays (Del Posto, Le Bernardin, the Modern).

                Eleven Madison Park serves lunch Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

                Per Se serves lunch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

                Ko only serves lunch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

                Jean Georges serves lunch daily.

                Bouley serves lunch Monday through Saturday.

                Some prix fixe options:

                Jean Georges - two plates for $38, each additional plate $19, served daily.

                Del Posto - $39 three course lunch with choice of Antipasto, Primo OR Secondo, and Dolce, "Enjoy a taste of pasta for the table at $10 per guest," weekdays only.

                Le Bernardin - 3 course City Harvest menu for $45 per person with $5 donated to City Harvest, only in the lounge, only 2 choices per course, weekdays only.

                The Modern - Dining Room - 2 courses and dessert for $62, 3 courses and dessert for $76, extra course $18, weekdays only.

                Bouley - $55 five course tasting, Monday through Saturday.

                La Grenouille - 2 courses for $52, 3 courses for $67. Tuesday through Saturday.

                Marea - 2 courses for $45, daily.

                Maialino - $35 for 2 courses with biscotti for dessert, weekdays only, they also have a Sunday pasta tasting for $55.

                Babbo - $49 for a four course tasting, only Tuesday through Saturday.

                Manzo - 3 courses for $29, weekdays only.

                Aldea - 3 courses for $25, weekdays only.

                Tocqueville - $29 for 3 courses, Monday through Saturday.

                Gotham Bar and Grill - $34 Greenmarket lunch, three courses, weekdays only.

                Seasonal - 3 courses for $29, Monday through Saturday.

                Aquavit - 3 courses for $42, weekdays only.

                Riverpark - 2 courses for $25, 3 courses for $32, weekdays only.

                Cafe Boulud - 2 courses for $37, 3 courses for $43, Monday through Saturday; Sundays they serve brunch, which is 2 courses for $39, 3 courses with dessert for $49.

                Ai Fiori - 2 courses for $42, additional course $18, weekdays

                Lincoln - 2 courses for $36, Wednesdays through Sundays

                Boulud Sud - 3 courses for $29, weekdays; 3 courses for $32, weekends

                For less fancy options:

                ABC Kitchen - 3 courses for $32, weekdays

                Momofuku Ssam Bar - 3 courses, weekend lunch only. I think it's still around $25 or so.

                Kin Shop - 2 courses for $17, weekdays.

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                1. re: kathryn

                  Thanks so much for the reply. Lots of great info!