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Nov 5, 2013 10:38 AM

j soho closing

According to great kosher restaurants.

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  1. They are still taking reservations for next week.

    1. great kosher restaurants posted
      After a much fanfare opening last summer promising something we haven't seen before and after a year of ups and downs filled with name changes, supervision changes, celebrity sightings, NY Post mentions, being named one of the top restaurants in NY, the J Soho (formerly named Jezebel) will close this week after service Thursday night and will eventually re-open as a non-kosher restaurant. Many will speculate on the reasons for the closing (a tough location being one of them) and maintaining a successful kosher restaurant is hard enough but our opinion is that it first started with the uphill battle and getting out of the shadow of the initial name and bad press. The food was quite good in the times we went and they got rave reviews from critics and customers alike but this ending might have been unavoidable.

      They promise to go out with style and a bang, so you have 3 days left to go if you haven't been there before or to go back to reminisce. We thank Henry Stimler and Menachem Senderowicz for their gallant effort in opening this kind of restaurant and we wish them well in their future projects. They were trying to push the envelope, but in this case, they just may have been pushed a little too far.

      1. I heard they're becoming a nello's (not a kosher restaurant)

        1. To quote my 25 yo, who used to frequent Jezebel with her friends:

          J Soho is so 2013>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          In other words, no longer cutting edge

          1. I just had lunch there today to go one last time before they close.

            Had the Wagyu Burger and fries. The burger was amazingly good - cooked just right. It comes with Guacamole that must have been from perfectly ripe avocados. The fries were also cooked just right.

            Sorry to see it go the way of (almost) all Downtown kosher restaurants.

            I wonder when Reserve Cut will open for lunch?