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Charlie Trotter has Died?

Not yet confirmed but the Chicago Tribune is reporting Charlie Trotter has died of a heat attack at age 54

I would love for this to be one of those hoax reports, cuz 54 is just too young to go, but I suspect this is probably a legitimate report :-(


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        1. Passing of a pioneer. RIP

          1. Sad to hear of his passing, I had the pleasure of eating at his restaurant in the early 2000's. He was an artist in a chef's coat.

            1. Tragic! I was lucky to have dined at his original Chicago restaurant and Bar Charlie in LV, and have always considered them to be among my most favorite dinners.

              1. He was one of a few innovators who really put Chicago on the culinary map at a time when we were best known for just pizza, hot dogs and steak joints. I had the pleasure of dining there several times back in the day and each meal was an experience beyond description. Very sad day for our city and for the culinary world.

                1. Yes, His. Son found him in their home. The culinary world lost a great one today.

                  1. Oh no! At 54? So very sad. RIP.


                    1. I've never heard of him, but he sounds like a fascinating man. Bourdain tweeted that he was treated shabbily by the world he helped create. Does anyone know why he would say such a thing? Any links to articles that might explain the statement?


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                        Bourdain himself took him to task when Trotter supported the foie gras ban in Cook County and voluntarily stopped serving it.

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                          Bourdain may have called him to task, but his tweets are sincere and he clearly admired CT

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                          Trotter was arguably the most influential American chef of the last 50 years. He was a demanding perfectionist who was hard to work for but had his greatest success in a time when the media didn't understand or appreciate that kind of mentality - and quite a few articles took him to task for it. While chefs like Keller, Puck, Batali, Chang, Alice Waters, Ripert, Colicchio and others became famous and renowned, Trotter generally hasn't gotten credit for inspiring a couple decades worth of fine dining trends.

                        3. Chicagotribune.com is hosting amazing tributes, photos of Chef from culinary giants across the world. RIP Chef

                          1. Oh, that's very sad.

                              1. I have (and love) his Cooks at Home book.

                                He did 2 others (Cooking Sessions I and II) that were fun as well. Different and great. You had to pay close attention to the recipes, but the writing was clear and the flavors wonderful.

                                1. not a heart attack. A brain aneurysm. He knew he had it but it couldn't be fixed.

                                  Very sad.

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                                        I read they haven't done an autopsy yet . . .

                                        He had had some very erratic behaviors reported in the news recently too, I hope the two aren't connected.

                                        :( It's a loss.

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                                          It's no ones business but his an his loved ones.

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                                            Apparently they are doing an autopsy today.

                                            And his wife and a close friend have been quoted as saying that the brain problems were also responsible for his erratic behavior. That makes sense. It's such a tragedy. Such a young, talented man. and with a young child.

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                                            I know once you know you have one, it's hard to ignore, but most brain aneurysms are asymptomatic, and are incidental findings on autopsy.

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                                              Is that why he closed his restaurant last year? That would make sense.

                                              I remember watching his TV show years ago. The thing I most remember most is how meticulous his knife cuts and plating were.

                                              When I learned yesterday about his death I went online and saw a recent photo ij which he wasn't looking good. The knowledge of his impending death might have something to do with it.

                                            2. Not that it matters, but I heard it was an aneurysm.

                                              1. May Chef Trotter rest in peace. My thoughts are with his family. A class act and a true professional. Such a terrible loss.

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                                                    Thank-you for sharing that HillJ. Lovely.