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Apr 30, 2005 10:51 PM

shabu shabu and sukiyaki in houston?

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im moving to houston (galleria area) from southern CA. even though my town is really small we've got a shabu bar down the street. im wondering is there any in the houston area?

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  1. Hi, I just moved to Houston too and NEED MY SHABU. I just moved from Huntington Beach in Southern Cal! Maybe with another post/request, someone might answer...there has just GOT to be one!!!!!

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    1. re: jamielovesfood

      Okay, what is shabu? It sounds Japanese, but enlighten me.

      1. re: Texchef

        Well, I definatley don't have an "educated" answer. But, from experience, my girlfriends and I ate at two "Shabu Shabu" places in CA on the regular. They basically served us a plate of vegies and noodles (carrots,broc, spinach, mushrooms,onions, etc), a bowl of rice, and three different sauces (peanut flavor, "pansu?", and one other one i didn't like too much). They have a setting of crushed garlic, peppers, spicy oil of some sort, and crushed radish?. Then you order the meat or fish you want....if you want. I always got "Prime Beef", once i had scallops, they were delicious. Prime beef was sliced very very thin. Everyperson has a pot of boiling water in front of them. I put all the "settings" stuff in the bowl, added veggies, and cooked the meat piece by piece, ate it with one of the sauces and some rice. At the end, we cooked the noodles in the pot of water with all the leftover veggies and spices. Yummy. I miss it

        1. re: Texchef

          It's Japanese hot pot.

          From the few times I had it in NY, I found it a bit bland, but FWIW I am used to Chinese-style hot pot. Just to add to the list of Chinese hot pot places, there is also the new Kim Son on Bellaire west of the beltway.

        2. re: jamielovesfood

          There is a shabu shabu place on Bellaire between Corporate and Beltway 8 in the same strip mall as East Wall and Tofu Village. However, as of 3-4 weeks ago, it hasn't opened yet. They look pretty far along so I expect it to open sometime soon.

          Houston doesn't seem to be a hot pot kind o' city, at least for Chinese people. There have been a few hot pot-only places that have opened and closed. I've seen Vietnamese people order it all the time at Tan Tan and Sinh Sinh but I think most Chinese people prefer to just do it at home. Hopefully, this shabu shabu place will be good.

          1. re: shaotime

            Thank you! I can't wait! I will keep my eye on it and post when I make it there.

            1. re: shaotime

              I have to disagree with the chinese people in Houston not wanting to do hot pot anywhere but home... my husband and our family and friends are always looking for a good place for hot pot (tan tan is not an option, they served us bowls of cockroaches, not once.. but TWICE.. in the same night). The hot pot buffet at kim son has been very popular.

              1. re: Sahel578

                I just found the first review for the restraunt on Bellaire. It's address is 9889 Bellaire. I am going to try it this week. See the following for a review:
                I will write one as soon as I try it out!

          2. I recently visited Hollywood and got to experience shabu shabu at Koji's (I've lived in Texas for 18 years now). It was wonderful!! I was so disappointed when I came back to Houston to find that we are deprived. I've joked with my husband regarding wanting to open my own shabu shabu place.

            1. Noticed the other day that Sasaki (Westheimer @ Fondren) also has shabu shabu and sukiyaki on the menu. I haven't had either yet as that's not really my thing, but their other cooked stuff (esp. tempura, udon) is excellent so it might be worth a try.

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                Maybe someone on this board will open one so we can all enjoy shabu! they had these all over thailand and its sooooo good! We too make sukiyaki at home. Very healthy and super yummy. :)

              2. Sushi Jin on the west side, 14670 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77079, (281) 493-2932, has shabu-shabu for two at 32.00. We lived in Pasadena, CA and loved walking to our local shabu once a week.