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Nov 5, 2013 09:18 AM

Pies that are more than yummy- they provide an important mitzvah too! Philly

YUMMY NEWS! This year Manna a wonderful organization that provides meals for very ill people in the Philadelphia area will do their annual Pie sale for Thanksgiving and TWO versions are certified Kosher by the OU- apple and pumkin! Get more details and information here: http://www.mannapies.org/

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  1. ok i would totally do this, but dont see any info on the link abt kashrut, and it seems that there are a bunch of purveyors

    how does one know from whom to order kosher

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    1. re: shoelace

      I found a link to the kashrut but the pies are
      OU-D , which does not work for Thanksgivng,
      . And the kosher pies came from Table talk. I do not know if I ever ate them but have seen small ones which never looked appealing.

        1. re: susiejane

          OUD works for OUR Thanksgiving this year- we are doing a turkey free hokiday as per our hostess and her family's wishes.

          There is no law saying you must eat this pie for dessert after your turkey- you could save it for breakfast Friday morning before braving the crowds.

        2. re: shoelace

          there isw a link about ingredients or something like that and in there I saw the OU information

        3. they are full of high fructose corn syrup ugh. I would just by a pie from a good bakery and donate $ to Manna. You will get more of a tax deduction that way than through this fundraiser

          Go to our ordering page and select "Too Sweet to Eat" and you make your tax deductible contribution. .