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Will deglazing with cold liquid ruin my SS pan?

I just got a new SS saute pan, my first foray into SS cooking. I've read a bunch about it and feel pretty prepared to bust it out tonight. But my question is on deglazing with cool/cold liquids. Will it really warp my pan if I pull a bottle of wine from the fridge and add a couple oz to my pan?

I've read yes, and I've read no. I just want to be certain. I'd hate to have to nuke all my deglazing liquids ahead of time, but if that's what needs to be done then I'll do it :)

Thanks! I'm glad I found these forums :)

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  1. Not a problem (that kind of temperature disparity has only been a problem for me on something which is very thin - like a cheap baking sheet). What brand of pan is it?

    1. you didn't say how thick the pan is: a thin pan will warp with enough cold liquid in a hot pan. if you are just deglazing while cooking i doubt you'd ever have a problem. I've had my thick stainless cookwear forever - and cook with lots of cold liquids into the pan after browning. i've never had a problem.

      i think the warning is mostly about washing - taking a hot pan and submerging it under cold water to rinse. my mom once did a "nice" job on an old faberware that way.

        1. I use cubes of frozen chicken broth to deglaze (2 or 3 at a time) and have never had a problem.

          1. Glad to hear it. mscoffee, the pan is an All-Clad 3qt saute pan...

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            1. i do it all the time. you'll be fine

              1. Deglaze away...unless its thin, or cheaply clad

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                  ...or old. I deglazed an old mid-market copper bottom saucepan once with cold white wine and the copper laminate (bottom outermost 1/4" layer) went "Pop!" and separated from the pan. The pan was quite old by that point and may have been building up to that failure...

                2. It depends how hot was your pan. Most likely, the answer is a big no, but I am sure there is some extreme cases which you can damage the pan.

                  In other words, I think you can damage the pan in theory, but you have to really try hard.

                  1. In deglazing quantities you should be fine. My only All Clad is a 12" skillet, which is in constant use for sautéing and stir fries, and after 20 years of cold stock or wine splashed into a hot pan, I've had no problems